Rohit Vaid Hindi Actor
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Rohit Vaid is an actor and film director in the Hindi Entertainment Industry. He currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is best known for his movie Mahayoddha Rama Click to look into! >> Read More... Mahayoddha Rama as a debut director. Rohit has also won an award at the 64th National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards as the Best Animation Film for Mahayoddha Rama. The film Mahayoddha Rama is an animated one that Vaid has created in a different way to serve the story of Ramayana to the Youth. He has portrayed the character Raavana as a villain of the coming age with the involvement of the VFX effects.

Mahayoddha Rama got released in 2016, having voiceovers of eminent artists like Kunal Kapur Kunal Kapur is a famous chef and restaurateur. He >> Read More... Kunal Kapur , , and Mukesh Rishi Mukesh Rishi is one of the best actors who has don >> Read More... Mukesh Rishi . Rohit Vaid has revealed that it was a dream come a real moment for him to win an award at the first short. Apart from being a director and actor, Rohit is also a scriptwriter. He has written the script of Mahayoddha Rama, and winning a National Award further elucidates Rohit’s multi-talented nature.