Joe Rajan is an Indian film actor, producer, and director. He is the founder and is the current CEO for Harvey India one of the leading travel company in the country. He has directed 2012 romantic flick Luv U Soniyo Click to look into! >> Read More... Luv U Soniyo starring Neha Hinge Neha Hinge is an Indian actress and also a model. >> Read More... Neha Hinge and Tanuj Virwani Think of young and talented Indian actors and the >> Read More... Tanuj Virwani . He has even featured in Madhur Bhandarkar Madhur Bhandarkar is an Indian film director, writ >> Read More... Madhur Bhandarkar two movies Page 3 and Traffic Signal Click to look into! >> Read More... Traffic Signal as a side but impactful role.

He was born and brought up in Mumbai. In his childhood, he was very interested in watching movies and wanted to know more and more about filming and the industry. But due to family pressure he first began working on a stable career base. He began working with a travel company near Mahim, in Mumbai. He had a great career in there and his hard work towards his work had paid him off and within a few years he had progressed through the positions and became the vice-president of marketing and sales department.

In 2005 he resigned and began his individual travel business named Harvey India. As the main head and CEO of the company, Rajan has managed to see the company’s progress be it from the innings, with very few employees, to a successful and well know business with over a number of employees in India and overseas. After demonstrating his talent into the market world, he moved into the fascinating world of cinemas.

In 2013 Joe stepped into the Indian Film Industry - directing and producing his first movie 'Luv U Soniyo'. The romantic comedy was produced by Network 18 and the creative team of the film included Shivkumar Parthasarathy and Gautam Buragohain. Luv U Soniyo even marked the debut of Neha Hinge and Tanuj Virwani in the lead roles. The movie did a suttle business at the box office. Currently, Rajan is working on his next untitled flick. The movie will be penned by ' Vipul K Rawal He is an Indian writer, scriptwriter and an entrep >> Read More... Vipul K Rawal ' and the shooting of the film will commence from early December 2016. Joe has always been very active in numerous donations and he always supports different church functions in Mumbai.

He is very fond of traveling and searching exotic destinations and meeting new and interesting personalities. He along with wife Rochelle had thrown a Christmas brunch for everyone. The party was attended by many prominent celebrities from the politics, fashion, and hospitality industry. Joe is the main head and CEO of the company Harvey India Pvt. Ltd.,one of the leading travel company in the country which was built in 2005.

Harvey India has its branch all over India and has even established itself overseas and is the number 1 International office in Chicago. In 2011, he also founded Harvey India Productions, with his first movie Luv U Soniyo. He even formed Harvey India Holidays Pvt. Ltd in 2012, which has adjustable packages at various locations like Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Himachal, and the Southern Hill stations. The company includes options like soft adventure, wildlife, Honeymoons, Ayurveda and spas, institutional trips for students and Pilgrimages. Harvey India has been awarded as one of the top five travel company in the year 2013-2014 from the Oberoi hotels.

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Joe Rajan was born on 27 October 1973. Born in Thrissur, Kerala to 'V.K. Rajan' and Annie Rajan, Joe Rajan is a film director and producer. Initially, he was just an employee in a travel agency in the city of Mumbai. He saw a lot of struggle but didn't lose hope. Through his determination and hardworking nature, he rose to become the vice-president of the company he had been working for years. He was still not satisfied.

In the year 2005, he left his job and started his travel company named Harvey India. He just had a handful of employees and through his correct attitude; his start-up became one of the leading companies. Today he has many hard-working and reputed employees and the name of his company flourishes everywhere.

Undoubtedly he is a successful entrepreneur, but his passion lied somewhere in filmmaking. So he entered this glamorous world. He directed and produced his first movie Luv U Soniyo in the year 2013. The media giant Network 18 brought it out and it had a fair run at the box office. It starred Tanuj Virwani who was the son of Rati Agnihotri and the model and Miss India of the year 2010, Neha Hinge.

The movie was a romantic comedy, especially targeting the teenagers. However, it was a success. Joe is continuously involved in charities and loves to help the poor. He also sponsors various events of the church in Mumbai. He loves to meet new people, travel to exotic places, and explore his potential. He was a kind of philanthropist.

He loved to host a Christmas brunch which was attended by all the influential personalities of the time. Various entrepreneurs, actors, politicians, directors, visited him. He also served as a guest columnist for a travel specialist Absolute India. He was a multi-talented personality. His company Harvey India is awarded as one of the top five travel companies. Joe Rajan wants to explore more in the field of filmmaking.

He is working on his next project whose title is not yet decided. Vipul K Rawal wrote it, who has already given one of the biggest hit in Bollywood, which is the movie, 'Iqbal'. He loves to live life King size and is a philosopher. Music and Bollywood flow in his blood. He does whatever his heart says. He married Rochelle Dsouza and loved her a lot. He also has two daughters, Sarah Joe, and Natasha Joe. He lives happily with his family and gives them proper time.