Dona Ganguly

Other names of Dona Ganguly: Dona Roy

Dona Ganguly also called Dona Roy ( before marriage ) is an Indian Bengali Odissi Dancer who was born on the 22nd of August in the year 1972. Dona Ganguly is 43 years old as per 2019 in Behala, Kolkata. She belonged to a fluent business family and was the only child of her father Sanjeev Roy, and mother Swapna Roy .she did her schooling from Loreto Convent School. Dona started dancing since she was three years old. Her passion for dance turns into devotion.

Like all other classical dancers, she also loved danced and felt the magic and happiness by doing so. Dona started learning dance from Amala Shankar when she was 3 years old. Later her interest shifted to Odissi form, and she started taking classes from GURU GIRIDHARI NAYEK. Dona started developing her dancing skills when the girl met KELUCHARAN MOHAPATRA and started taking dance classes from him. Right from here, she realized her real talent.

As in the initial stages of her programs and her career, Mohapatra accompanied him in different shows with his pakhavaj. She performed in various shows like DOVER LAKE MUSIC CONFERENCE, UDAY SHANKAR DANCE FESTIVAL, RIVER FESTIVAL, and ANTIQUITY all in KOLKATA. She presented herself not only in her state but in all over India like Konark Festival in Konark, Barak Utsav in Assam, Dakshin Mukambi National Festival in Kerala, Baba Alauddin Khan Sangeet Samaraho in Madhya Pradesh, Bali Yatra in Cuttack, Kumar Utsav and Muktashwar in Bhubaneswar, Bharat Bhavan and Bhojpur Festival in Bhopal , Haridas Samaraho in Brindavan, Samudra Maha Utsav in puri, Beach Festival in Digha, Haldia Utsav in Haldia , Sankat Mochan Festival, Ganga Gram Utsav and Mirtunjay Utsav in Varanasi, Kalidas Samaraho in Ujjain, Taj Mahotsav in Agra ,Chitrakoot Mahotsav in Chitrakoot and Narmada Mahotsav in Jabalpur. Not only in India, her dance talent so intense that it took everyone’s heart over her. That is when she was invited to perform in China in one of the most famous festivals WORLD EXPO in the year 2010. After gaining all these successes, Dona thought of opening her dance school and also did as she thought. Soon she opened a dance school named DIKSHA MANJARI.

This dance school has inaugurated by none other than the Queen of melody LATA MANGESHKAR. The dance school was huge, which had the capacity of more than 2000 students at a time. Later, the school has developed by introducing more departments like YOGA, DRAWING, KARATE, and SWIMMING. She then got married to her childhood friend and an Indian cricketer SAURAV GANGULY. After convincing both the families as they both were enemies at that time, then a formal wedding was held on February 1997.

Then after four years of their marriage, they had a beautiful and adorable girl child called SANA GANGULY. After many years in 2012, she choreographed Rabindranath Tagore's SHAPMOCHAN. She named this as SOMBRE DANCE DRAMA. Even after many years, she is still in the heart of many classical dancers due to her great efforts, hard work, dedication, and most importantly, determination and devotion towards her art were mesmerizing.