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Chetan Sharma Chetan Sharma is an actor, producer, and costume d >> Read More... was born on 3rd January 1966 at Ludhiana, Punjab; He started his career as a bowler of an average case for the Indian cricket team Desh Prem Azad was the coach of Sharma who is a Dronacharya Award winner he was also the Kapil Dave’s mentor. During 1980, Sharma a famous bowler among Indian Cricket team who is about 5 feet 3 inch tall. At the age of 16, he started his first debuted for the one-day internationals at Haryana. By 1984 images depute appearance for the test match against Pakistan in the location Lahore. Later during that match, he was the first Indian to take a wicket in the 1st over of a test cricket against Mohsin Khan Mohsin Khan is an actor, model, and an assistant d >> Read More... in his 5th ball.

In 1985, during the match against Sri Lanka, he was the only cricketer to take 14 wickets in a series of 3 test matches. During the world cup series, he was the player who played against Australia for the last chance to get into the world cup series with a score of 38 winning innings. By 1986, Sharma is the notable person who helped India to defeat England in a series of 2 - 0 for that match against England Sharma took about 16 wickets for the complete set of game. He made ten wickets which help him to become the best carrier of 6 out of 58 in the innings of 2nd.

At the age of 21, Sharma is the best bowler and the bowler with frequent injuries which stopped his career but, he was the only choice and a profound choice when matches against any other team under the head of Kapil Dev Kapil Dev is a former captain of the Indian cricke >> Read More... for the next four years. In 1987 under Reliance World Cup, Sharma was the first person to take hat trick wickets and clear away the field against Ian Smith, Ken Rutherford and Ewen Chatfield of New Zealand in consecutive balls. In 1989 May 3rd, he announced that his retirement from the Test cricket after playing with West Indies.

In 1994 November 11th, he announced his retirement from the ODI which is played against with West Indies. After getting retirement from ODI and test, Sharma started his new career as a cricket commentator. He also paved the way for a cricket academy at Haryana Panchkula during 2004. In 2009, He took part in the election of Lok Saba on the basis from Bahujan Samaj Party from Faridabad.


Born: 4 March 1922

Lived For 79 Years

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