Prasad Bidapa is a choreographer and a fashion designer who is based in Bangalore. He was born in Kodagu in India. He is also a consultant and a stylist. He has choreographed and worked in some of India’s greatest fashion shows. He has also presented many fashion award shows. He was also a brand ambassador of many big Shows hosted by Kingfisher and India Men’s company.

These took place in Bangalore. He presented in Bangalore in 2008. He is also a great analyst and consultant. He also was present on the panel of the jury in the Fashion week hosted y Lakme. He built a fashion training school and also worked alongside many greatest people in the fashion industry. His fans like him for his talent for spotting all the gifted people in the industry.

Even he choreographed in many famous movies. He also found and worked with many now famous artists and actresses like Dino Morea Dino Morea is a die-hard Bollywood actor and a for >> Read More... , Anushka Sharma Born in an army family to Col. Ajay Kumar and Ashi >> Read More... , and many others. Even Lara Dutta was made famous and made known by him. He also organized many fashion show awards with his name that became so famous.

Many more competitions like mega model hunts, fashion weeks and fashion show awards were held on his name every year. He was also made the cover of the magazine India today which named as the one of the most influential people of India in January in 1998. Again in 2010, he was also selected for the nominations as most influential people in Bangalore.

His first fashion week tool place in the month of February in 2013. He also organized and took the stage as a presenter for the Swimwear week in Sri Lanka and also presented the fashion week in Bangladesh. He worked there for over three years. He was married to Judy. She is a popular teacher at the International School of Mally Aditi in Bangalore City. She is also a great horse racer and she also owns many horses in Bangalore.

Bina Aziz Hindi Actress

Bina Aziz

Versatility is Bina Aziz’s forte and she is self-made. Having various group and solo shows to her acclaim, she involved herself in primarily oil and acrylic. Now that you have guessed her profession her works were first approved in 1983. Later she worked on various commissioned works and her initial solo exhibition was performed in 1996 at the Cache Art Gallery. Her other works include “The Renaissance Redefined”, “Royalty Meets Art” , a 1 X 1 painting with the support of 59 artists as a tribute to the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Jehangir Art Gallery. She had also worked on a live painting, supporting girl child. Bina gets transcended into a world of beauty while she paints and some of her exemplary works includes, her “Women series”, “Meditation”, paintings on children etc. It is no exaggeration to say that Bina has made her presence felt strongly in the painting field, whether it is India or abroad. Bina has donned various roles including philanthropist, art curator and entrepreneur. In fact, she had backed several artists. Along with the support of Mrs. Zarine Khan she was instrumental in opening an art gallery in 2008. Her philanthropist side was exposed when she assisted raising funds for various NGOs through many arts and music programmes. She also organized an art and fashion show for the cancer-stricken patients. Moreover, Bina supported financial aid for those affected by Tsunami; for this an Indo-Pak concert was organized. Bina is all for the underprivileged and those who are in need of help. Being tied the marital knot with Ghazal Maestro Talat Aziz. Bina is very well aware of the diverse taste of music lovers. There is no denying that through her works Bina is supporting cross cultural relations. She is indeed an active philanthropist. Hats off to you Bina!