Kritika Chauhan is one of the contestants of the famous reality show Power couple which came on television in the year 2015. Like every girl, Kritika had many dreams, and the biggest one of them was to make it to the entertainment industry. Be it a mere flick of luck or destiny; she made her dreams true with the power couple contest sponsored by Sony Television. The competition asked for the photo of various couples with the unique one getting a chance to enter the reality television show ‘Power couple’ on Sony television. Luckily, it was Kritika who won the contest and took entry in the famous show. She coupled up with Vishal Sharma Vishal Sharma is an Indian Actor. He primarily wor >> Read More... Vishal Sharma and competed with ten celebrity couples. The pair was the eleventh couple on the show. The programme aired on the famous Sony channel in the year 2015. Kritika’s journey a reality show contestant was very different.

She learned a lot from her co-stars and worked hard to win the competition. The show got hosted by none other than and Arbaaz Khan Born in a family that has strong ties in the film >> Read More... Arbaaz Khan who themselves was the Power couple of Bollywood. It was a big opportunity for her and she made the best out it. The actress shared the screen with different famous personalities who belonged to opposite areas of life. Known Cricketers, businessman, Models, Dancers, and actors participated in the show. She shared the screen with Rahul and Pratyusha, DJ Perey and Delnaaz, Naved and Sayeeda, All and Marshela Ayesh, Aamir and Sanjeeda, Rahul Devand and Mugdha, Sandeep Saporkar and Jesse Randhawa Jesse Randhawa was born as Jasmeet Kaur Randhawa >> Read More... Jesse Randhawa , Shilpa and Apoorva, Ashmit and Mehak.

The show made a niche in Kritika’s life and started a new series of action. It boosted her confidence level and motivated her to work better in her career. She learned life lessons from the other participants on the show and also taught them valuable things. She never felt complex and won over her fears as she was the only ordinary girl with ten celebrity couples. Vishal also played his role very well and helped her out to make her way through the hurdles and obstacles of the show. The show took the concept from the Israel based show of the same name, and it was a giant hit in the country. Kritika and her couple Vishal got announced as the winners in Goa by the CEO of the channel. It was a heart-warming moment for the budding artist.