Nishant Tanwar

Other names of Nishant Tanwar: Joke Singh

Nishant Tanwar, also known now as ‘Joke Singh’ was born on 7th November in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Nishant Tanwar was earlier a journalist. He worked for NDTV India as an Editor. However, when Stand-Up comedy was at its peak, he found his passion in stand-up comedy and left his job as a journalist. He started his career at an open mic event in Gurgaon in 2009. An open mic event is one which is a live show where audience members also perform on a microphone, while standing. His first show itself was a huge success. He has since then performed at numerous corporate shows. Nishant Tanwar is also the founding member of ‘IPL’ or the ‘Imrov Premier League’. It is Delhi first and best improv comedy troupe. It is a group of comedians who tour around Delhi and abroad and give stand-up comedy performances. Nishant Tanwar is a well-recognised and loved face in Delhi and Gurgaon circle. His comedy is mostly about Indian society and its stereotypes, and taking a dig at Indian culture in general.

His performance on Raahgiri day hosted by Times of India was completely sold out. His performance ‘Joke Joker Jokest’ in Calcutta again hosted by Times of India was a huge success. It sent people into fits of laughter, and was remembered as Calcutta’s Funniest Day. His co-performers included the well-known and seasoned comedians Sourav Ghosh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sourav Ghosh , Vaibhav Sethia, Anirban Dasgupta Anirban Dasgupta, a Comedian from Bengal. Apart fr >> Read More... Anirban Dasgupta and Abijit Ganguly. Nishant Tanwar aka Joke Singh has been performing at Comedy Central’s show on TV. It is telecasted all across the globe and has wide viewership especially in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Nishant Tanwar is married to Rukshi Sarin. They married in 2011 after Nishant had completed two years in the comedy industry. Rukshi Sarin is the niece of Arun Sarin, the ex-CEO of the famous tele-commerce company Vodafone.