Shanti Bhushan Roy is the one of the great cinematographers, actor, filmmaker, photographer, and motion picture consultant. He has been worked for a prominent celebrities and directors. He was born on 4 June. It doesn’t matter that when we start our career path, matters that how much we go forward. He is personality, who gets what he deserves. Shanti bhushan get his higher studies from Devi Dayal High School, Patna, Bihar in 1994. He was so much ambitious for the movies, so he decided to make his future with it. He is graduated from science, physics and post-graduated in cinema from Films and Television Institute of India (FTII), in 2005. He has three years post graduation diploma in it (film making and cinematography). He is a software engineer that helps him to settle lights, shadows and sound impressions. Now he is living in Mumbai, India.

He is involved with True Cinema, Satyamev Jayate, Freelancer, and Pennywise Films company. He was came in the limelight with the job of Pennywise films in New Delhi. It is the motion picture based on 16 MM sync sound. Earlier he was doing his job as a freelancer means shooting, wandering, meandering and film making about 2006-2010. He achieves the direction when he joins Satyamev Jayate. Here he was appointed as a chief cinematographer in charge of various goggling shots and inputs. All over he was trying to show the truth on television. In a freelancer he worked in making of many feature films such as Kunal Ranjan’s Vatsala, Hemant Gaba and Pankaj Johar’s Shuttle Cock Boys, Ajita Suchitra Veera’s Ballad of Rustom with Imaginem Cinema Pvt Ltd, etc. Rocky Khanna’s Ganglords of 1985 Aka Mastaan, Red Epic’s Asmaa, Wedding Anniversary, and Vipul Maheshwari’s The Story of My Life with Basumatary Rajni are also his released movies.

He is still working for many channels. His series 24 Season 2 is just coming on television. Shanti Bhushan is involving in making feature documentaries also. Paromita Vohra’s Partners of Crime is the battle of originality with piracy in movies, music, albums or arts. It is an important subject for the hard workers and investors. Dan Pringle’s Drying for Freedom is a unique topic to see the environmental imbalances especially in the US or other developed countries. Swati Chakravorty’s O’ India where Thou Going! is basically to decline the female foeticides and sex ratio. It is also a major subject in unfortunately our India. His talent mainly appreciated in feature film Divya Drishti, where his film making, cinematography, and photography is on the top of glance. It’s amazing. As we know Shanti Bhushan Roy is eligible, educated, and hard person, but has a sophisticated humor also. He believes in meditation, spiritual peace and humanity. We will meet him with a new style and aspirations.