Najeeb Khan Hindi Actor
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Najeeb Khan is a film cinematographer in Bollywood. Najeeb began his career as a full-fledged cameraman with the film 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar' which was produced by Nasir Hussain and directed by Mansoor Khan Mansoor Khan is an Indian film director and produc >> Read More... Mansoor Khan . The film featured Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... Aamir Khan , Ayesha Jhulka.

The film had a breath-taking photography and some unique slow-motion dance sequence which was introduced first time in the movie. Long back, he began his career as an assistant cameraman in Nasir Hussain's blockbuster music drama 'Hum Kisise Kum Naheen' in 1997.

The film was a super hit, and again the film had the unique song and dance sequences which were the merit of the movie. Later on, he had worked as an assistant cameraman for Mohan Segals' directorial venture 'Hum Hain Lajawaab' (1984) and 'Aag Se Khelenge'(1989) directed by Bhaskar Shetty Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Bhaskar Shetty . He worked as an assistant cameraman for legendary cinematographer Munir Khan who had been credited in many Nasir Hussain’s movies.

In 1993, he worked as a co-camera man with Anil Kalekar and Anil Mitra for movie 'Meri Aan' which was directed by Roopesh Kumar Roopesh Kumar was a well-known character actor fam >> Read More... Roopesh Kumar . In 1994, he again worked as an independent cameraman for movie 'Anth' which was directed by Sanjay Khanna Sanjay Khanna's career in film began with assi >> Read More... Sanjay Khanna and had Sunil Shetty Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sunil Shetty and Somy Ali Somy Ali was born on 25 March, 1976, in Karachi, P >> Read More... Somy Ali in pivotal roles.

This cinematographer made his break as an assistant cameraman in two Tahir Hussain's movies ' Madhosh Story coming soon >> Read More... Madhosh ' (1974) and later on with ‘Zakhmee’ (1975) that ruled the box office in the mid-70s. He, later on, went to fetch a project of 'Aatish: Feel the Fire'(1994) which was produced by G.P. Sippy in which he was a full-fledged cameraman.

This film was considered to be a carbon copy of Amitabh's classic movie 'Deewar' but had only one twist that the mother supported the criminal brother and not the police inspector.

During the late 1990s., this cinematographer mostly ruled the box office movies. They included ‘Gambler’ (1995), ‘Zameer: The Awakening of a Soul’ (1997), ‘Laawaris’(1999), ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’(2001) and ‘Daag - Shades of Love’ (2004).

He also worked for a Punjabi movie' Kudesan' and its Hindi version 'Woman from the East.' The film was directed by Jeet Matharu, and the film entered Toronto Film festival in 2012. He also was the cinematographer for another Punjabi movie 'Arjan’ which is the new movie of Punjabi singer-turned-actor Roshan that released in 2017. 

Another Punjabi movie in 2017 released was 'Krazy Tabbar' that was directed by Ajay Chandhok Ajay Chandhok is the son of actor Kamaldeep who is >> Read More... Ajay Chandhok and had Harish Verma Harish Verma is an Indian film and TV actor known >> Read More... Harish Verma , Priyanka Mehta Priyanka Mehta is an Indian Film Actress. She work >> Read More... Priyanka Mehta in lead roles. This Punjabi movie had cinematography by Najeeb.

This cinematographer will be remembered for the blockbuster movie of Nasir Hussain which swept the nation and film audience’s heart for its musical genre in which songs sung by the characters were interwoven into the narrative sometimes accompanied by dancing. Later on, he even handled some movies like ‘Kudesan’ too which fetched international acclaim.