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Other names of Somy Ali: Somi Ali
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Somy Ali was born on 25 March, 1976, in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a Bollywood actress, filmmaker, writer, activist, and model. She is known for the clothing line called So-Me Designs, which she owns. Somy has become a US-based human rights activist. She became famous for dating the Bollywood star, Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... , back in the 90s.

Somy's mother, Tehmina, is Iraqi. Her father, on the other hand, was Pakistani. She grew up seeing domestic violence around her. She would see women with bruised bodies every day. It's said that she was assaulted sexually at the tender age of 5 by a house-help. She studied at the Convent of Jesus and Mary, until the age of 12. She and her mother then moved to Florida.

Somy  studied at the University of Miami, where she developed an interest in documentary films. In 2003, she left the university and joined the New York Academy. She became a pro in screenwriting, editing, filmmaking and directing. She worked on a few projects, including short films based on domestic violence, abortion, and teenage suicide. She wanted to help victims of abuse brought to the United Nations from around the world. She registered NMT in 2006 to help them. Her parents were aware of the risk, yet decided to support her.

She always had a huge crush on Salman Khan. Deep down she believes this to be the main reason behind joining the industry. She wanted to find him and marry him the night she saw his, Maine Pyar Kiya Click to look into! >> Read More... , in 1989. She convinced her mother to let her pursue this dream of marrying Salman. She convinced her to allow her to move to India. She came to India at the age of 16. Salman was then dating Sangeeta Bijlani Born on 9 July 1960, Sangeeta Bijlani is an actres >> Read More... . The relationship died on Somy's arrival. She met Salman through a common friend and soon started dating him. She believes that she learned a lot from him and his family. The affair got her into the limelight.

Salman and Somy dated for eight long years and split in 1999/2000. It's said that Salman was a regular drinker and had an aggressive behavior towards her. There were rumors that while they were dating, Salman smashed a bottle of cola on her head. After a few years, Somy was heard defending him and saying that it was an exaggeration. Salman just poured the drink on the table in anger. He was angry at Somy for drinking alcohol for the first time. She also believes that it was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a popular Indian actress >> Read More... who came between him and Salman. Recently, she said that she does not blame either of them.

Meanwhile, Somy appeared in a few Bollywood movies, including ‘Anth’, Teesra Kaun, and ‘Mafia’. She had a guest appearance in ‘Agnichakra’, for a song. She got involved in South Asia with women's rights and issues. She wanted to make sure that every girl can study and get their basic human rights. She opened her line of design called So-Me Designs, in 2006. The profit from the business gets donated to her non-profit organization called No More Tears. She went to Bangkok in May 2011 for a women's rights conference. She met Salman there and talked to him as friends. She says that not even once in their 8-year relationship did Salman abuse her.

In 2011, she was honored with the American Heritage Award. She received the award for her work with No More Tears from the American Immigration Council. In 2012, the organization rescued 182 victims. Somy soon plans to adopt a baby girl and continue helping the women in need.

Another Version Of The Bio...

Somy Ali is an actress in Bollywood. She took birth on 25th March, 1976. Along with being a professional actress, she is a writer, activist, model and Filmmaker. She even owns a clothing line and is an owner of non- profit organization called - “No More Tears”.She took birth in Karachi,Pakistan. Her mother named ‘Tehmina’ is Iraqi and father named ‘Maddaan’ is a Pakistani. She even has two sisters – ‘Hina’ and ‘Huma’ and a young brother named ‘Mohammed’. She completed her education from ‘Convent of Jesus and Mary’ at Karachi till she got of 12. After that, she with her mother and brother went to Florida. In Florida she went to ‘Nova Southeastern University’. Within two years,she had her undergraduate degree with her.

In this duration, she got interested in Journalism and decided to join ‘Miami University’ to obtain a master level degree. Because she was a great fan of Bollywood and therefore she convinced her mother to let her to go to India at the age of 16. She became the part of modeling projects and also did some Hindi movies. In the duration of 1992 to 1999, she did total of 9 movies but as an actor she was not able to leave any impact. While staying in Mumbai, she came into a relation with one of the leading actors- “Salman Khan”. Then during 1999 of December, she came back to Florida to further continue her studies. When she was studying in ‘University of Miami’, she got interested in documentary movies. Then in February of 2003, she left it to be the part of film academy of New York.

She completed her graduation with the degree of film making, screenwriting, editing and direction. In her early projects, she worked on short movies on ‘teenage suicide, abortion and domestic violence’. Then in South Asia, she got involved into issues related to women's rights. She works to publicize the work related to victims of domestic violence. Even she has written articles upon victims of rape- ‘Shazia Khalid’, ‘Mukhtaran Mai’ and ‘Sonia Naz’. Ali says that her goal is to make education approachable to all girls and women in her country. The earnings received from her clothing line named- “So-Me Designs” is used for donation to her NPO known as “No More Tears”, a foundation of 2006. During 2011, she got American Heritage Award from the immigration Council of America and it was for her work named "No More Tears.' Till April of 2012, this council was able to rescue 182 abuse victims.


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