Fardeen Sheikh is a teenage boy, who is interested in acting. Fardeen from his childhood started to show his skills in acting. In 2009, Fardeen Sheikh at a small age got selected for a serial, whose name was Gunwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, it was a comedy serial based on criminals and gangsters. The serial was telecasted on SAB TV on 16th March 2009 from Monday to Thursday at 9:30 pm. The director dialogues writer and screenplay of the serial were Anil Chaudhary, and Tangerine Digital Entertainment was the production partner.

The cast along with Fardeen Sheikh was Sudhir Pandey, Abeer Chaudhary, Shruti Vyas, Pankaj Titoria, Rinku Worah, A. R. Rama, Deepak Sinha, Vishaka Subedar, Sanam Kumar, Vijay Kashyap and others. Gunwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’s last episode was on 3rd September 2009. It did a total of 96 episodes. Bumpy (Fardeen’s Character) in the serial was a very friendly. He was an exuberant boy and was intelligent. But his mother wanted him to follow the step of their family and become a gangster. So, according to them, boy’s education became a thread to them, and they hired Deepak Sinha (Kallu Mama) to make him a master in criminology.

Kallu Mama whatever used to teach him, he used to learn it very fast as he was good in academics, so he used to catch up quick. This serial revolves around a don’s son who at the end falls in love with a simple girl who is from a simple, decent, and cultured family. It was liked by the viewers. It was a source of entertainment in their day to day life. This serial shows moral value from the point of view of gangster’s family. As compared to a normal family, being a member of the gangster family is not so easy, being a member you are also a part of the criminal activity and the new generations are forced to maintain the same forcefully. 

He was fun to be around on the sets. Fardeen Sheikh at such an age did his role very well. He is an example for every child artist. After this he didn’t take up any projects, may be waiting for an exciting one or trying to focus on his academic career first. Now he looks very cute and chubby boy. Fardeen loves cats. Fardeen Sheikh will definitely make his comeback in the industry very soon as his fans are waiting for him.

Harsh Paresh Somiya

Harsh Paresh Somiya is a TV serial artist from the country of India. People know him best for his job in the TV program named Golu Ke Goggles. Golu Ke Goggles is a Television show made in the Hindi language. It aired on the channel named Star Plus. The name of the show hints us that it is about a young boy named Golu. He is about 12 years of age. He comes from a place which is present at a high altitude. Like many children growing up, he does not mix very well with people around him. He is an introvert and down-to-earth by behavior. It is because of these attributes that he goes about his life well. He also acquires some extraordinary force owing to his good and calm nature. Once while dealing with regular ambulation of life, he stumbles upon on a pair of magical glasses. These goggles provide him wisdom. They make him see things in a newer perspective. He also gains maturity of choice and decision. The glasses make him more responsible and thus help him a lot with daily life. The show goes on with his adventures and realizations due to the goggles. It is a very fun and entertaining show. Harsh Paresh Somiya plays the role of a boy named Aakash in the TV program. Individuals named Shah Jahan, and Sunil Chaurasia are the directors of Golu Ke Goggles. Child artist Karan Atri plays the lead part of the character with the name of Golu. He is the male protagonist of Goluke Goggles. Vaishneeve Rao plays the part of the female lead in the form of a girl named Renee. Other actors who have contributed to this show include Abhishek Shah as Rohan and Krishnan Iyer as Yogi. Krishnan Savjani and cute child artist Khushali Bansali were also a part of this show. Krishnan Savjani plays the role of Amit, while Khushali Bansali plays the role of Ira, Reene’s younger sibling. Grushma Kapoor and Bikramjit Singh Bhullar are the talented producers of the show. Golu Ke Goggles ran for one season only. The period of each episode is approximately twenty-two minutes. India Production House was the production company under whose banner Golu Ke Goggles got made. The public viewed it on TV on the 24th of November and ran successfully for another year. Harsh Paresh Somiya has worked on only this project till date. However, it took only one serial for him to showcase his acting abilities.

Harsh Paresh Somiya Hindi Actor