Indians have always been curious about the future and firmly believes in astronomy. Bejan Daruwalla is an astronomer who is well versed in the art of Kabalah, Palmistry, Tarot reading, and much more. He belongs to the rare community of people who possess the knowledge of the Indian as well western techniques.

He was born on July 11, 1931. He belongs to the minority community of Parsi. Before embarking on this career, he taught English at a college in Ahmedabad. He is an ardent worshipper of Ganesha; an elephant-faced Hindu God. Later, he decided to utilize his knowledge of astronomy and make a living out of it.

He employed a team, which consisted of similar people, and on April 23, 2003, he launched his website. The venue where he conducted his launch event was the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai.

He can predict things by sending the vibrations of people and their palm lines. The day and time on which his customers choose to meet him also play a vital role. His persona and polite and gentle talk helped him ace his profession.

His clientele included several eminent businessmen, politicians, and film personalities of the country. He also writes columns for a leading daily newspaper and has made several appearances on the small screen too. He had foretold the death of the ex-prime minister , the Kargil War, the disastrous earthquake in Gujarat, and the rise in popularity and power of Bharatiya Janata Party, a political wing.

However, he has also had his share of failed predictions. He claims that the long-standing problems of Kashmir will end, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Atal Bihari Vajpayee was an Indian politician, sta >> Read More... Atal Bihari Vajpayee will win the elections in 2004, and South Africa will win the Cricket World Cup in 2003 are all part of this list. He had also stated that by the year of 2008, cars and trains would fly and aliens would visit our country.

However, it only elicited public laughter and ridicule. However, his failures didn't affect his popularity, and he is still one of the sought-after astronomer in this country.

Like all men in his profession, even he has gone through the grill. Several scientists and science enthusiasts have criticized him and his field as baseless. When a reporter quizzed him about the views of the educated class towards his profession, he replied that though astronomy is not full proof and can fail but his personal experience has taught him that it isn't complete nonsense either. Bejan is one of the very few astronomers who managed to become a household name in the country.

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