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  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Sweta Jumaani is an Indian Astrologer cum Numerologist, residing in Viman Nagar, Pune. She belongs to the famous Jumaani family who is traditionally in this profession from many years. Since the past 12 years, Swetta is predicting the luck of people based on numerical studies and proved herself as the finest numerologist all over the world. On 25th January 2013, the Nihal Show of BBC Asia invited her to spread her knowledge on numerology. On 28th January in the same year, the MA T.V. of London also invited her . With her predictions,Swetta brings smiles on the faces of many ordinary people along with the celebrities, politicians, movie stars, builders,and the Industrialists.

Her father, Bansilal M Jumaani and her brother Sanjay B Jumaani are renowned numerologist.Swetta spent her childhood in such astrological environment which increased a keen interest within her to learn numerology. Under the guidance of her father, she studied numerology. She used to advise her friends and relatives about numerology in her childhood days. Swetta, herself is a numerical holder of number 2, which is lucky for her career as an Astro-numerologist. Gradually, her interest towards numerology became a hobby for her. She continued her prediction as an interest after her marriage also.

She married to a military-related person. As the family of an Indian army should not stay in one place for a long time, Swetta moved to several cities with her husband and got a chance to meet different people of various cultures. She continued her prediction and made it a profession from the hobby. Finally, she settled at Pune, which numerically suited her, to be the lucky city to flourish her profession as per her family tradition. On 6th July 2013, Swetta opened her office at Pune. At that time, Pune was the most relaxed city; was known as The Paradise for the Pensioners also.

The former name of Pune was P-o-o-n-a. In 2014, the spelling, and the pronunciation changed to Pune. This remarkable change forced Swetta to deliver her 1st prediction. Officially, it was her 1st prediction as a numerologist. She predicted that, in 2014, there would be many officials and legal changes in the development of Pune. Fortunately, she proved right in this prediction . Many changes happened that year in Pune such as developments in IT Industries, hotel and restaurant business, malls, in builder sector, even in the lifestyles of general people also.

In the world of numerology, Swetta Jumaani is one of the brightest stars among the numerologists. Almost 90% of her predictions become true. She never forces her clients to do any drastic changes to get success. She just adds or subtracts some alphabets in an individual’s name or the name of a company. She has a large number of clients from the common man to film stars. So many directors of the soap operas in Television sector seek her prediction to get success.


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