Varahamihira, also known by the names Varaha and Mihir was born in 505 C.E. in Avanti, (now Malwa) India. He is one of the most renowned Mathematician, Astrologer, and Astronomer. He was one of the Ratnas of the court of the ruler Yashodharam Vikramaditya of Malwa. He was the son of Adityadasa, a worshipper of Sun god who taught him Astrology and was an Astronomer himself. His son, Prithuyasas was married to a Bengali poetess.

He was initially called Mihir but once he made a prediction that the son of the king would die at the age of 18 years and this made the King angry though he knew Mihir would not say anything with no reason. He and the Queen wanted him to be proved wrong. King took precautions for the safety of his son but to fail, and he got killed by the boar at the predicted time.

They all, including Mihir were sad as they had lost and astrology had won.The king gave him the great honor to be called as Varahamihir since then, because of his knowledge of his science. Many people say that Varahamihir constructed Meru Stambh, now called Qutub Minar, which was seven-storey with twenty-seven windows representing the seven planets and twenty-seven constellations. He met Aryabhatta and got inspired to study Astronomy and Mathematics.

He demonstrated that there is a force which attracts everything towards the earth and each other, and this is now known as the Gravitational Force. His studies are in a book called Pancasiddhantika which were Surya Siddhanta claiming that the sun is made up of Latadeva, Vasistha Siddhanta, Paulisa Siddhanta, Romaka Siddhanta and Paitahama Siddhanta. He wrote another encyclopedia called Brihat Samita which includes plantetary movements, clouds, architecture, the growth of crops, matrimony, gems, pearls and rituals. It consists of one hundred and six lessons.

He wrote on three main branches of Jyotisha Astrology. He wrote a book on Horoscope called Sara Hora. He is known to give the basic formulae of trigonometry sin2x+cos2x=1 and sinx=cos(π/2 – x). He also made the values of sine given by Aryabhatta more precise. He worked on algebraic properties of zero and other negative values. He is known for calculating binomial triangles and giving the concept of Pascal’s triangle.

He studied Ecology and Sanskrit as well, and he had a great style of writing to express his thoughts to others. He said that Astrology is an ocean and his writings can help like a boat to cross it, that are still valued. He died in 589 C.E in India though his writings will always be admired by us and will be with us forever.