Amar Kaushik is a Mumbai-based director who hails from Arunachal Pradesh. His father was a forest officer and mother was a school teacher. Amar has lived in Mumbai over a decade and was involved in the role of an associate director on films such as No One Killed Jessica (2007) and Go Goa Alone (2013). Kaushik although began his career in art movies, but the director had of late, pushed some serious buttons, for good reasons.

His short film ‘Aaba’ is the latest film to join that proud lineage. Kaushik started to discuss the film 'Aaba' in more detail on the record at the Berlin International Film Festival. In his interviews with journalists and at public Q&As and queries he stated that the movie was inspired by a general discussion and topic which Kaushik’s mother narrated to him in Mumbai at Kaushik’s home, A dropout school girl’s life from Arunachal Pradesh unfolds in the film across other pivotal characters like her grandpa, points at which the dropout girl’s suppressed queries come into question with sort of desperate, beautiful tenderness.

Why the little girl chose to remain at home for the sake of her grandpa and become a dropout proves that beautiful tenderness of the movie. ‘Aaba’ explores what it means to her strong will that got the girl into an uncertain existence, and that is to remain beside her grandpa at time of his death.

Kaushik made the script when his mother who was a teacher in Arunachal Pradesh had to go in search of a young girl from Apatani tribe in Arunachal Pradesh who vanished from school once. His mother had to search for the young girl’s house and family to welcome her to join studies, but the girl was reluctant to do so. The reason the girl’s grandpa was ill and confronting death at any time.

While making the film ‘Aaba’, he gave creative view for all the locations and sets that gave the film a different visual identity. The film story was an inspirational true story which even a film snob could love. The performances of local tribes as true characters in the movie are rich and incredible enough to hold up the dramatic scene.

Kaushik only chose tribes of Arunachal Pradesh to act in the movie and never imported any Hindi film actors to get the film's biggest flow for an emotional consistency which was Kaushik’s attempt to portray precious inner feelings of Arunachal Pradesh’s tribe. This film ‘Aaba’ won at the Manhattan Short India 2017 film competition!

Amar Kaushik was also associate director for ‘Shab’ which was directed by Onir. Amar Kaushik was also the executive producer for the movie ‘Day Dreams’ (2015) which was directed by Hanish Kalia. The film starred , & Mann Gandhi.

It was an idea of Sidharth Sengupta and it was a project by Hanish Kalia and team. In the same year, ‘Fuddu Boys’, starring Abhishek Banerjee Abhishek Banerjee is a writer and actor in Indian >> Read More... Abhishek Banerjee & Manoj Sharma Manoj Sharma is a veteran film director, writer, a >> Read More... Manoj Sharma , Kaushik was executive producer.