Chandrakant Mandare Hindi Actor

Chandrakant Mandare is fondly remembered for his contribution to art and cinema in the Marathi film industry. Although he began his career as an artist, he segued to acting later. Born on August 13, 1913, in Kolhapur, Mandare initially trained under ‘Baba Gajbar.’ Baba Gajbar was an art director who worked for ‘ Baburao Painter Baburao Painter was born on 3rd June 1890. He was >> Read More... Baburao Painter .’ Mandare, who followed the watercolor form prevalent in Kolhapur, originally painted movie posters, while following the instructions of Baburao Painter. The artist was fond of using oils, pencils, and watercolor and loved to paint landscapes. After that, he switched to acting in Marathi films. However, despite the change in his mainstream profession, he remained an active painter. The actor-cum-painter achieved massive success as an actor and is still remembered for his movies spanning a period of over forty-five years.

His notable movie projects include the 1952 film ‘ Chhatrapati Shivaji Click to look into! >> Read More... Chhatrapati Shivaji ,’ helmed by ‘ Bhalji Pendharkar Bhalji Pendharkar was an Indian film director who >> Read More... Bhalji Pendharkar ,’ where Mandare plays the titular role of Shivaji. In the 1969 Marathi action-drama flick, Mandare portrays Babaji ‘Babya’. Directed by ‘Raja Bagir,’ the movie also stars ‘Mai Bhide’ and ‘ Leela Gandhi Leela Gandhi is a Marathi actress. She has contrib >> Read More... Leela Gandhi .’ Mandare portrays 'Thakur Sharan Singh in the 1959 Hindi film ‘ Navrang Story Soon >> Read More... Navrang ,’ helmed and written by ‘Shantaran Rajaram Vankudre.’ The movie also features ‘ Sandhya Serial story coming soon.. >> Read More... Sandhya ,’ ‘ Mahipal Mahipal Bhandari, usually termed Mahipal, is an ac >> Read More... Mahipal ,’ and ‘ Keshavrao Date Keshavrao date is a legend of the Indian cinemas. >> Read More... Keshavrao Date .’ The actor also entertained the audience in the 1939 action Hindi film ‘Midnight Mail,’ helmed by ‘K. Amarnath.’ His other movie credits include the 1981 Marathi flick ‘Soon Mazi Laxmi,’ where he plays Dondiba Vastad, ‘Mai Mauli,’ helmed by ‘Yeshwant Pethkar,’ and ‘Toofan,’ starring ‘ Dara Singh Dara Singh was born on November 19, 1928 in Dharmu >> Read More... Dara Singh .’ Mandare is also known for the crime drama flick ‘Mukkam Post Dhebewadi,’ directed by ‘Madhukar Pathak,’ ‘Anjaam,’ featuring ‘ Feroz Khan Feroz Khan is a legendary Indian film actor, edito >> Read More... Feroz Khan ,’ ‘ Helen Click to look into! >> Read More... Helen ,’ and ‘Shahida.’

The eminent actor has played a part in many more films like ‘Bai Mee Bholi,’ starring ‘ Madhu Apte She was an Indian actress in the Hindi film indust >> Read More... Madhu Apte ’ and ‘Balchandra,’ and the Hindi film ‘Lav-Kush,’ featuring ‘Ashim Kumar,’ ‘ Jayshree Gadkar Jayshree Gadkar was a well known actor who worked >> Read More... Jayshree Gadkar ,’ and ‘Babloo.’ In the 1965 Marathi flick, Mandare essays the role of Shankar. ‘Sangte Aika’ is another Marathi flick, in which Mandare plays Sakharam. The actor portrayed Krishna in the 1946 Hindi film ‘Rukmini Swayamvar’ and Arjun in the Hindi movie ‘ Maharathi Karna Actor cum director Sanjay Khan had made this TV se >> Read More... Maharathi Karna ,’ released in 1944. The eminent actor featured in many more such films during his acting career.

Mandare was an accomplished artist who specialized in painting and powder shading. The seasoned painter gifted his painting to the Government of Maharashtra, who started Chandrakant Mandare Museum to showcase the actor’s works. Mandare attributed his inspiration as a painter to the naturally beautiful places in the country. He was an avid traveler and depicted Niagara Falls in one of his classic paintings. Chandrakant Mandare had a younger brother ‘Suryakant Mandare,’ a prolific actor and recipient Padmashri in 1973, besides other accolades. Mandare passed away in 2001 at the age of 87.