Leela Gandhi is a Marathi actress. She has contributed to the Marathi Cinema industry with the films such as Lakhat Asdi Dekhni, Dhakti Jaoo, Bhandiwan Mi Ya Sansari and Kela Ishara Jaata Jaata. She got awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke Gaurav Puraskar Award. Lakhat Asdi Dekhni is a movie that revolves around Paro that pertains to an affluent family in town whose household has maintained distance from Tamasha corps. There is also a Bajirao Jagdale, a greedy landlord who considers money as the biggest strength. Paro saves Chameli from Bajirao when he molest her Chameli's mother. Dhakti Jaaoo is a movie that treats around where a women treats her brother-in-law with utmost love, care and becomes successful in her life. Leela has done great in the field of acting.