Ritika Jhanji Jagtiani is an anchor in the Indian media and news industry. She currently lives in Delhi. She possesses more than twelve years of experience as an anchor in news networks and is a regular appearance in most television screens.

She currently works for the news network called NDTV, which is a television media company. It began its journey in the news industry in the year 1988 by Radhika Roy who is a journalist. Ritika has experience in all the possible formats of anchoring, right from social campaigns to lifestyle shows and from serious news to celebrity interviews.

She possesses the knowledge, oratory conduct and confidence to flow through all these like a breeze. The political, social, economic acumen that she undoubtedly possesses helps here to adapt to any format or topic of discussion enabling her to effortlessly and gracefully manage and conduct the panel discussions. She anchored the tenth edition of Wow National Awards Asia in the year 2018.

She was also the host for the Corporate Governance Excellence Awards in Hong Kong in the same year. She has been part of several celebrity interviews right from doing red carpet interviews with Bollywood actors and directors to studio rapid fires rounds with cricketers.

She was also at the Loreal Women of Worth awards as the host. She hosted the Behtar India Awards, which was an event to present awards to the deserving student who won the campaign's nationwide competition to make India a better country.

She was also at the Design and Architecture Awards. Apart from anchoring, she is an NDTV moderator and reporter who covers many diverse news stories including those related to social causes like the twelve-hour cleanathon that took place for school children.

When asked about the possibility of stage fear, she laughs and says that if you can overcome the fear of a live news reporting, then everything else seems like a cakewalk. Ritika is well-known for her versatility when it comes to content and even languages as she is fluent in three languages Hindi, English as well as Punjabi.

Over the years, reporting and presenting the biggest campaigns, with Bilingual presentation skills, curating engaging content, celebrating leadership and service, anchoring star-studded shows and events and socially conscious campaigns, Ritika Jhanji Jagtiani is an accomplished Fundraiser and an asset to the media industry. She has won everyone's hearts with her simplicity, elegant demeanor and intelligent mind, a rare combination of beauty with brains.