Rasik Chopra is currently recognized as a stand-up comedian and television star who also desires to be known for doing film roles of substance and serious drama. Everyone knows that Rasik Chopra was a stand-up comedian who jumped into the television career from a banker that he left behind to make a flying career in television as a host, writer, producer and even a performer on stage and screen. He came to prominence with an international travel show named ‘Ten Things to Do around the World’ that was showcased in NDTV Good Times.

His style of narrating real-life stories in a funny and satirical manner had been greatly appreciated and well received by the audiences. His story telling concept on TV have an underlying social message, and perhaps he does a full justice to his anchoring. In his stand-up comedy career, Rasik is best known for specializing in observational humor, often focusing on personal relationships and uncomfortable social obligations. After his show ‘ Ten Things To Do Around The World’’ that was aired in NDTV Good Times on night hours (every Monday), the TV host worked for a play ‘‘Good Friends Never Tell’. He is capable of writing jokes etc. for books, and he is even ready to write more scripts for television and publishing several books of short stories.

The actor was born in Punjab and may find himself as one of the great stand-up comedians of our country. Rasik Chopra has indeed tried to establish a career in both stand-up comedy and feature film acting. He is also known for his improvisational skills for few live shows that he held earlier named ‘Family Jewels’.

It is told that nothing makes him happier than writing. Above all, while he begins performing as a stand-up, he is much selective to use the best jokes possible and to prepare for a one-hour show on TV or stage, he spends months of intensive writing.

Ambika Anand Hindi Actress

Ambika Anand

Ambika Anand is a TV anchor who produces and creates multiple fashion shows in NDTV Good Times. She is an anchor and even an editor-in-chief, fashion at NDTV Good Times. As she represents the lifestyle channel of India, in our opinion, she always manages to look great on air. Her style is unique and polished at the same time. Plus, this TV host always manages to be both stylish and cheerful. She always looks fab whether hosting a TV special or maintaining any lifestyle function in New Delhi. This reporter-turned-anchor host was lovable, funny and all around entertaining when she made her presence with shows like ‘The India Story’, ‘Band Baaja Bride’,’ I'm Too Sexy for My Shoes’ and ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ where viewers found her reliable, smart and even entertaining. She brought Manish Arora, Raghuvendra Rathore, Wendell Rodricks and Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, etc. on her show where people loved to know how the fashion designers had struggled with the idea of expanding their knowledge in fashionable wardrobe to enter the Indian market and then penetrate further. She started off her career in 2002 in NDTV when she hosted the ‘Business Report’ a weekly program that was made for the BBC. Following this, after two years, she took in charge of communication with International Labour Organisation at Geneva. Again, she returned to NDTV in December 2005, she became anchor and reporter for business desk and hosted shows of her choice that include ‘Hot Property ‘and ‘Value for Money’ to name a few. She later was elevated to editor-in-charge for lifestyle channel in 2007, and she became a fashion expert and TV personality and frequently featured numerable popular programs in NDTV ‘s lifestyle channel. She has won numerable awards and accolades for her show that she has hosted in NDTV Lifestyle. She was born on 15 September 1980. Over the years, she had led the thematic module “Fashion and lifestyle journalism” for NDTV and is currently one of the most influential persons in the fashion world, a journalist, TV-host.


Charu Shankar

Born on 17th August 1981, this beautiful and divergent actress is both a Bollywood and a Hollywood actress. Apart from that, she is also a TV anchor, a fitness expert and a dancer. She is popularly known for her portrayal of Mehrunissa, in the television series adaptation of the book The Twentieth Wife, called Siyaasat. She has acted in many commercials for popular brands like Vodafone, Fortune cooking oil, Fashion and you, Farmlite biscuits and Metro shoes. She was born in Delhi, India to her mother Dr.Nilima and her father, an IRS Officer, Durgesh Shankar.She has a younger brother Varun Shankar, who is practicing law at Cambridge University. She did her schooling in Cardiff, UK. In 2010, she got married to RaghavLaul in Delhi. They are animal lovers and own six pet dogs, in their farmhouse in New Delhi. She started her career by doing theater in school. She is well trained in dance and martial arts. In 2009, she started her company Aquamarine Productions. She also directed her dance-art called The Veil. She has also choreographed many films like Jal Bin Jalpari. She began her television career in 2001 in NDTV as an anchor for a regimen fitness show. In 2005, she anchored in NDTV MetroNation’s show, The Workout Victim. In 2011, she qualified as a certified legit trainer by the American Council on Exercise. She was invited by Reebok in 2008, to join them as a Global Instructor. She has hosted much Travel Shows on NDTV Good Times. Her performances in films include The Darjeeling limit by Wes Anderson and The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mira Nair. She starred in a short film called Sleeping Awake by Manav Yadav, which won many awards at film festivals like the California film festival. She has acted in a music video called AareAare.

Charu Shankar Hindi Actress