Rita Koiral was one of the gorgeous actresses on both the Silver and Small screens; she started her career with the movie Natun Sansar. She had a diverse career in TV and on the Silver screen. She has worked with famous directors like Prabhat Roy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Prabhat Roy , Agnidev Chatterjee Agnidev Chatterjee is an Indian Director and filmm >> Read More... Agnidev Chatterjee . Her notable works were Ganesh Talkies (2013), Saathi Aamar Bondhu Aamar (2009), Chirodini...Tumi Je Aaamar (2008), Rakhi Purnima Story soon >> Read More... Rakhi Purnima (2001), Aamader Janani (2000), Boro Bou (1997), and award-winning movie Iti Mrinalini sharing the screen with Kokona Sen Sharma and Rajat Kapoor.

She worked in Anupam Kher Anupam Kher is a very popular actor, director, and >> Read More... Anupam Kher 's movie Bariwali as a dubbing artist for Kiron Kher but it caused controversy as she wasn't given credit, and Kiron Kher won the National Award that shouldn't have happened since the role was dubbed. Koiral stated that Anupam Kher offered her a share of the money to accept the voice-over was performed by Kirron Kher Kirron Kher or Kirron Anupam Kher was Kiran Thakar >> Read More... Kirron Kher and not by her. Rita Koiral was also running a dance school. Later, she was diagnosed with liver cancer, and she died after 2 months of treatment in a Kolkata hospital on (19 November 2017).