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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Mohammad Shawon also known by his other name, MD Shawon Pramanik, is a famous Bangladeshi singer who has been working and making many compositions and spreading musical love across the globe. He was born on April 04, 2006, in Bogura, Bangladesh. His father’s name is Shahajun Ali and his mother’s name is Nurun Nahar. He became known as a prominent figure in the world of music at just the age of seventeen.

Mohammad Shawon's musical journey has overcome boundaries, as he not only makes moving solo tracks but also reaches audiences internationally through international podcasts on platforms like Spotify, MusicMatch, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. 

As a Bangladeshi singer, YouTuber, and internet personality, Mohammad Shawon is known as the founder of the SWN Rock music band. He started his journey on YouTube at the age of 16. He made a channel that became a platform for producing many hits and popular instrumental music pieces. With time, he has taken up professional roles.

He holds the post of a prominent figure in the Bangladeshi music world, due to his founding of the SWN Rock music band, which has received noteworthy recognition in the country. He is warmly referred to as Niloy by the ones close to him. He got his schooling done at Vidyabithi Model School and always desired to stand out and make a change.

He continues to work and make unique compositions for his audience and gain their love and warmth.


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