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Bengali Child Artist Adrija Mukherjee
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Adrija Mukherjee is a child artist in the Bengali television industry. She has been acting since second grade. Adrija became well-known for her role as the lead in “ Balika Badhu “Balika Badhu”, is a romantic drama serial based o >> Read More... .” This show was directed by Manish Ghosh Manish Ghosh is an Indian Director and Screenplay >> Read More... , which is an adaptation of “Balika Badhu” by writer Bimal Kar. She has performed in a  number of television serials including “Mahapith Tarapith,” “Bhanumati’s Game,” “Debi Chaudhurani,” “ Beder Meye Jyotsna Beder Meye Jyotsna is a Bengali drama-romance-fant >> Read More... ,” “ Jhumur Story Soon >> Read More... ,” “ Goyenda Ginni 1 Story soon >> Read More... ,” and “Firki.” Adrija was involved in a car accident on January 14, 2021, along with her family. Adrija and her family have recovered, and Adrija resumed her acting career. She was working for the serial ‘Balika Badhu’ during her recovery.


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