Killing Veerappan Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Killing Veerappan "
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  • Runtime: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 01-01-2016
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
3 / 5.0

After much anticipation and hype, Killing Veerappan has finally hit the screens. When you are going to make a film like this, you would be shouldered with an enormous responsibility. You should show the reality as it is and should not be biased as Veerappan has caused anguish to Karnataka for over four decades. . Well, has Killing Veerappan done a fair job? Read more to find out.


Well, I am not going to give a picture perfect story here. The title itself is self-explanatory. And as would befit a reviewer I would just tell that the movie talks about the various endeavors of the police to kill Veerappan. But again, the film would not be complete if Veerappan’s character is also brought to light. And so, that is also available in the movie.

Star Performances

Shiva Rajkumar has done a convincing job and given the nature of the plot; it is only obvious that spontaneous acting is seen in the hattrick star. Sandeep is indeed a revelation; the battle (well it is a battle because you have got to don the role of a notorious real-life character) is half won since he has the apt look of Veerappan, courtesy the make-up artist. Yagna Shetty and Rajesh have done what is required of them while Parul Yadav leaves a strong impression in our hearts.


There is a difference in saying just “This is the truth” and telling “This is the truth I know it” as RGV tells at the beginning of the movie). Well, this is his version of the events interwoven with the smuggler’s life. 
Ram Gopal Verma….a man who astonishes us with a unique ‘rawness’ in his films. He believes in depicting the reality as it is (most the dark side of life) in a candid manner. And in this film he hasn’t taken the path of doing a biopic, as one would imagine. Instead, he has narrated the film from the perspective of the police. 
The killing of Veerappan is the debut attempt of Ram Gopal Verma in Kannada. He has been planning to make a movie on Veerappan, and his dream has finally fructified. Veerappan has the notorious history of killing over 180 people and also involved in the kidnapping of the demigod of Sandalwood, Rajkumar. Well, in this movie, Shiva Rajkumar, the son of Dr. Rajkumar, is seen playing the smart cop (by the way, is it coincidental? Also, what is his name in the film?)

What’s there?

  • Sai Karthik and Ravi Shankar have done a good job with the music.
  • In most parts of the film, RGV has played it safe and has shown the events as they are in reality.
  • The second half of the movie goes at a good pace. 
  • Certain scenes are without dialogues, and it seems the director has banked on facial expressions. This is something commendable. 

What’s not there?


  • The background score falls short of expectations. 
  • There is certain information that seem to derail from reality. 
  • The characters are devoid of intensity, which is so essential for such films. 


Those who don’t know about Veerappan  (is there anyone) will get to know about the life of this smuggler. For those who have kept a track of the life of Veerappan (through television news or papers), this movie offers nothing new.