Alone-Thriller Movie Review

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  • Review for the film: "Alone-Thriller"
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  • Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 27-11-2015
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama
2.75 / 5.0

Well, I am not here to discuss what is the limit of glamour in this review.  But all I can say is that the director of Alone, Jagadish Kumar, has cashed in on the glamor quotient of Nikesha Patel to a great extent.  But again, the film is not devoid of good execution. To know what the film is all about just keep reading…


Nikesha has a personal tragedy and hence, with the suggestion of her best friend Iniya (who has a major role to play in this movie), she shifts to a beach house. There she gets acquainted with a local guy Vasishta Simha, and they become close. Here starts the real twist to the story. I don’t want to play spoiler. Just go to your favorite theatre and watch the movie. 

Star Performances

Nikesha looks sizzling in this movie. But this hottie also shows that she is a good actress. Well, for those who do not know about Nikesha she is a British Indian model. Simran, though in a brief role as a tough cop, shows that why she was the most sought after actress during her heydays. She does fight sequences with gusto and will get the applause of the audience. Iniya looks beautiful and does full justice to her role. As for Vasishta he has a meaty role and he does his job with conviction. 


Being a crime thriller, most parts of the film revolves around Nikisha. Director Jagadish Kumar has shot the second half in a very convincing space. 
The cinematography is appealing. 

What’s not there?

The first half of Kariyorum is not up to the mark.
The music of Sujith Shetty is average.

What’s there?

The director bounces with a bang in the second half. So just don’t get vexed and run away from the theatre due to the poor first half. 


A one-time watch movie with some good performances by the female artists.