Krishnam To Release In Tamil!

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

“Krishnam” is a real-life story scripted by PN Balaram and directed by Dinesh Baboo in Malayalam. This film is a real-life incident that happened in PN Balaram’s life. The film has the star cast of Akshay Krishnan, Aishwarya Ullas, “Saikumar,” Shanthi Krishna, VK Prakash, Renji Panicker, “Mukundan” and Anjali Nair. Hari Prasad composed the songs and Dileep Singh scores the Background music. Besides directing, Dinesh Baboo handled the camera and Abhilash Balachandran edited the film. PN Balaram produced the film. The film released in Malayalam in May 2018 and got mixed reviews. Now, the makers are releasing it in Tamil. The film is about a miraculous happening in the life of Akshay Krishnan. His dad Balaram thought that if Akshay portrays his real-life character, it would be better and so made him a hero. Let us wait and watch, how it works in Tamil!

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