Lena To Make Two Different Appearances In Prithviraj Starrer

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Actress Lena has been doing the role Then and Now in the same film. It is an easy task for her to do such roles. She took up similar roles for movies as Vikramadithyan and Ennu Ninte Moideen. The actress is once again doing it in Prithviraj movie Vimanam. Her character has two time periods which are 25 years apart. She does the role of Prithviraj’s neighbor in the movie and is one among those people who have a sincere hope that the love between the hero and heroine fructifies.

The director of the movie is Pradeep M Nair. Lena plays a role which is equally important as Prithviraj’s role in the movie. In the meantime, Lena has said that her character comes along with Prithviraj’s character in the movie. Lena plays the character of Nedumudi Venu’s daughter in the movie. He happens to be Prithviraj’s mentor in the movie. She is a lovable person and shares association with Prithviraj in the movie.