Movie In The Heroine Name Is Really An Honor! This Actress Gets It!

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Most of the films are titled depending on the subject and hero. Only a few movies come with heroine-oriented subjects and titles. The upcoming Kannada film of Rachita Ram as the lead actress with the lead actor Ajay Rao is titled Love You Rachchu. This is an honor for the actress, feel her fans. Rachita is not only a bubbly actress but an artist with abundant talent. Her natural performances, facial expressions and body language got her a huge fan base.

Coming to Love You Rachchu, the shooting is held in Sakleshpur and this is the first time, Rachita shares the screen space with Ajay. Sakleshpur is often compared to Switzerland for its climate. Rachita reminds that and says that this is her first shooting experience in Sakleshpur. Ajay states that the location is best for romantic portions and he is happy to be back there, and many of his films were shot in Sakleshpur.


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