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Just Yellow Media Production released on August 2006 Radha Madhu, a television serial Drama with 450 episodes and finished broadcasting on July 2008. The show used to air at 11:30 AM but was later shifted to the 4:30 PM timeslot. The Screenplay-Direction was made by Scorpio Productions, Directed by Subba Raju and with the help of the stars cast like Mounica, Sivaparthi, Kalyan Prasad Kalyan Prasad hails from Karimnagar, Andhra Prades >> Read More... , RadhaKumari, Ravikondala Rao, Sai Mithra Sai Mithra is a Telugu actor who predominantly wor >> Read More... , DavadasKanakala, Raagini, Karthik, Laxmi Bhai and others they succeeded to create a really appreciated serial at that time. The pair was well received by the audience. The title song of Radha Madhu was sung by Pranavi Acharya and has been downloaded over and over again by many fans.

The story of Radha Madhu is based on YaddanapudiSulochana Rani and the dialogues were made by Azad and were edited by P.A. Kareem. The story is about two strangers, Radha and Madhu who meet under extraordinary circumstances and their lives get irreversibly interweaved much against their wishes. Radhakrishna is the only heir to a rich family and refuses to fulfill his grandmother's dream of seeing him married . Madhulika is a young resourceful girl who moves to Hyderabad for her younger brother heart surgery.

The storyline presents the life of a married couple who live together against their wish. They married each other to respect their families’ wishes as is the case with traditional Indian households. Radha and Madhu met each other before their marriage as friends and never thought about getting married to each other as they were not in love. After becoming a married couple they have to respect the traditions and this starts many problems between them and it raises many problems on the sensitive subject of values and traditions.

Radha Madhu was the debut show of the male protagonist, Kalyan Prasad Thoram. It was a big break for their silver screen acting careers. Actress Mounica earned her big breakthrough this serial. It is no exaggeration to say that the actors brought their characters to life. Actress Mounica is well-liked due to her effortless and natural portrayal of her character(Madhulika). Kalyan Prasad has played for the male lead character, Radhakrishna. The chemistry between him and co-star Mounica made the show a great success and had started his career.

The onscreen chemistry between the main couple has captured the heart of the viewers .the viewers had fallen in love Monica's portrayal of a capable young girl who takes everything in stride and does her best to overcome her problems. The serials portrayal of common Indian household problems made the show very relatable and endearing to viewers of all generations . With over 400+ episodes , the show has become a super hit .


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