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Mazya Navryachi Bayko Marathi TV SERIALS on Zee Marathi
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Mazya Navryachi Bayko is a Marathi television family romantic drama that airs on Zee Marathi. Kedar Vaidya Kedar is a director, writer and actor in the enter >> Read More... directs this series with Tejendra Neswankar’s production under Trump card production. The story revolves around Gurunath and Radhika. They are husband and wife, move from Mumbai to Nagpur. Radhika believes him that he won’t cheat her at any cost. Things come to light when he meets Shanaya. Anand and Saumitra are Guru and Radhika’s friends and always support Radhika. The series prolongs for thousand three hundred episodes till January 4, 2020. In these episodes,

they describe the love life of Radhika and Guru, which collapses Radhika’s heart. It also hurts Atharva Saumitra, Radhika’s child. But Guru’s life turns hilarious when all the girls enter and play. Will Radhika able to overcome Shanaya’s plan? Will Guru understand Radhika’s love? Will they unite with their child and live together is the crux of the story. Anita Date Kelkar, Abhijit Khandkekar Have you ever seen this man? If not, you must' >> Read More... , IshaKeskar, Adwait Dadarkar Adwait Dadarkar is a famous writer, director and a >> Read More... , and Ruchira Jadav are the leading characters.


Piyush Ranade Marathi TV-Actor
DOB: 28 March 1983
Piyush Ranade
Sumeet Raghavan Marathi TV-Actor
DOB: 22 April 1971
Sumeet Raghavan
Suchitra Bandekar Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 7 January 1972
Suchitra Bandekar
Girija Joshi Marathi Movie Actress
DOB: 3 November 1988
Girija Joshi
Nagraj Manjule Marathi Director
DOB: 24 August 1977
Nagraj Manjule
Bhalchandra Kadam Marathi Comedian
DOB: 12 June 1972
Bhalchandra Kadam