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Other names : Ghadge And Sunn
Ghadge And Suun Marathi TV SERIALS on Colors Marathi
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Ghadge and Suun is the Marathi language family drama that airs on Colors Marathi. It starts airing from 9th September at 7 PM. Chinmay Udgirkar Chinmay Udirkar is a famous Indian actor who prima >> Read More... and Bhagyashri Limaye are the lead characters of the serial. Richa Agnihotri   Richa Vikas Agnihotri is a beautiful Marathi ac >> Read More... , Swati Limaye Marathi TV industry has seen some of the most tale >> Read More... , Mahesh Joshi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Sukanya Kulkarni Sukanya Kulkarni is an Indian actress of 46. She w >> Read More... , Manjusha Godse Manjusha Godse is a Marathi actress. But she has a >> Read More... , Mayuri Kapadane Mayuri Kapadane is an eminent Indian model and act >> Read More... , PrafullSamant Uday Salvi, Atisha Naik Atisha Naik is Hindi and Marathi actress mostly kn >> Read More... , Sandip Gaikwad, and Uday Subnis play pivotal roles in this series. The story revolves around Amruta, a young, responsible, and intelligent girl. She marries the Ghadge family. Ghadge's are the prominent jewelers in Thane. She also aims to make her career in gemology and thinks that men and women are equal in all matters. Mai Ghadge, the head of the family, is an elder member of the family. She is in a state that everybody respects her and obeys her orders. She is also the deciding authority for any decisions in the family. Sometimes the family members fear her. She is a perfectionist whose dignity and discipline stares everybody and believe in women establishing their role better in the home and kitchen.

She soon like Amruta, and they mingle with each other in exploring prestigious things. Amruta also tries to win other's hearts through her behavior. The people expect the same scenario in there after watching the serial. Because Mai always supports Amruta in all matters. They do things together, and she helps her in achieving her goal. Moreover, the older person in the family wants her daughter-in-law to live inside the kitchen always. They also restrict her from pursuing her dreams. In most villages, they expect her to stay at home every time. They think that this is the responsibility ad work of women in the house. But it is not real. Women are the one creature that brings light to the place. They should be educated and allowed to explore things as they sacrifice their whole life on behalf of the family. When women studies they administer the family better and also work for the wellness of the family. Mai Ghadge exposes such kind of character and gives freedom to Amruta. Even Amruta feels any discomfort, she consoles her and stands by her side.

Even she is orthodox; she accepts Amruta’s behavior and ideologies. Amruta lives in a joint family. Will Amruta win everyone’s heart? Will she become the princess of the family? Will she able to achieve her dream? Will, she able to live happily with her husband and family is the rest of the story. The story prolongs for Seven hundred and seventy-four seasons. It became Marathi people’s favorite serial. The viewers also expect more concepts that would encourage women in the future. It also inspires many housemakers to live independent and win the hearts of the family. The serial entertains most families and gives a positive view of housemakers in society. It also creates awareness for women locking themselves in the kitchen.

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Ghadge & Suun is an Indian Marathi TV drama aired on Colors Marathi. It starred Bhagyashree Limaye Bhagyashree Limaye, daughter of Madhav Limaye & An >> Read More... , Chinmay Udgirkar, and Sukanya Kulkarni in the lead roles. Amruta is married into the traditional Ghadge family, the most renowned jewellers (Ghadge & Sons) in Thane. Amruta, a cheerful young girl with contemporary thoughts, wishes to pursue a career in gemology and believes that men and women are equal. Sadhana (Mai) Ghadge, the matriarch of the Ghadgefamily is admired and feared by family members. Mai is a follower of discipline and believes in women playing their part in the kitchen and the home. It explores Amruta's relationship with Mai and her efforts to win the hearts of all Gadgets. It features Bhagyashree Lamaye, Chinmay Udgikar, and Sukanya Kulkarni.


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