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Dil Dosti Duniyadari Hindi TV SERIALS on Zee Marathi
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Dil Dosti Duniyadari is a TV serial that aired on the channel Zee Marathi from 9th March 2015 to 20th February 2016. The serial was directed by Vinod Lavekar Vinod Lavekar is a Hindi director and producer. He >> Read More... and produced by Sanjay Jadhav Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Deepak Rane Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . The serial ran for 302 episodes. It was adapted from the American sitcom FRIENDS. The lead cast of the serial is Suvrat Joshi   Suvrat Joshi is an Indian film and television a >> Read More... as Sujay Sathe, Amey Wagh Amey Wagh was born on November 13, 1987 and he is >> Read More... as Kaivalya Karkhanis, Pushkaraj Chirputkar Pushkaraj Chitrputkar is an Indian-Actor. He mainl >> Read More... as Aashutosh Shivalkar, Pooja Thombare as Anna Mathews, Swanandi Tikekar Swanandi Tikekar is a Marathi actress cum singer,  >> Read More... as Meenal Shevale, and Sakhi Gokhale Sakhi Gokhale, a Marathi girl born on July 27 199 >> Read More... as Reshma Rakesh Inamdar.

The serial is about 6 friends who share a flat in Mumbai. The flat is actually owned by Sujay’s uncle, and they all loving call it Majghar. Sujay is an IT tech who has a younger sister Piyu, a schizophrenic, who he is overly protective of. Kaivalya is the son of a business tycoon who breaks the family norms and pursues music. He aims to prove to his father that music is a noble art. Aashutosh is an ex-mafia member who, one day realizes that he wanted to live a good life. He works as a party clown to make ends meet but always borrows money from friends. He learns English from a private teacher Kinjal, who he falls in love with.

Anna is a Catholic girl who had an unhappy childhood. She moves away from home to establish a career in fashion and prove her worth to her parents. Meenal is an aspiring actor who exemplifies city culture. She acts in small local plays and has a crush on her married director, Kabir. Reshma is a talented cook and a newly married woman from Akola who learns about her husband’s infidelity and moves out of the house, secretly hoping that her husband, Rakesh, will love her one day. Rakesh was forced into a marriage with Reshma by his father, who threatens to not give his property to Rakesh. Rakesh is in love with another girl named Nisha. Meenal finds Reshma heartbroken and helps her. Reshma moves into Mazghar on Meenal’s request. She pushes off telling her parents about Rakesh until her younger sister Reva gets married. Reshma’s delicious foods win over the housemates into making friends with her. Rakesh visits Reshma once in a while, and they both come to good terms. At Reva’s wedding, the friends' group announces to Reshma’s parents and Rakesh’s parents about them living separately all this time. Rakesh’s father threatens him again, but Rakesh stands by his love. Reshma’s parents ask her to go back to their house with her, but she tells them that she wants to find a new life while staying at Mazghar.

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