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This drama revolves around a young couple, Rahul and Karuna. They love each other very much. Both of them are studying in a college. Rahul is a Gold Medalist in his college, and Karuna is also one of the top-scoring students of the same college. Rahul and Karuna, after completing their degree, decided to tie a knot. Initially, their married life was all cheese and wine until things started turning for the worse when Karuna joined Rahul's company. 

 Rahul has always been an ambitious guy when it comes to his career. On the contrary, Karuna was never as ambitious as Rahul. She was not at all career-oriented. Instead, she had always wanted to stay at home to take care of Rahul's parents after marriage. But Rahul always knew the intellect she possessed and thus never wanted it to go in vain. So he convinced her to join his company for work. After completing his degree, Rahul was employed by a company that had a very good reputation in the market, and he was paid well there. Coincidentally, Rahul's company had a vacancy that matched Karuna's academic qualification, and she thus got the job in the same company. When Karuna started working there, it was a delightful experience for both of them as a couple to work together in the same office. But things began taking a turn when Karuna got a promotion that Rahul had been striving for a long time. This incident left him devastated and gave rise to his egotistical behavior. As a result of his growing insecurity towards Karuna, he took to drunkenness and started throwing tantrums at her. Not only this, but he also accused his wife of having an extramarital affair with her boss and called it a reason for her getting the promotion. Several times he was seen behaving in a like manner at work, due to which he lost his job. Meanwhile, Karuna, unaware of the truth, gets hurt and detaches herself from her husband, and several misconceptions develop. They ultimately get separated. 

Though deep in his heart, he knew what he was doing was not right, but his ego every time gains a victory. Later on, when he realized what he had done owing to his insecurity and jealousy, he tried to sort things out. But will Karuna forgive him for his blunders? Or is it too late for Rahul to sort things out? Will they be together again in this life? It is what the entire serial is all about.


Aniket Vishwasrao Marathi TV-Actor
DOB: 7 May 1981
Aniket Vishwasrao
Ankush Choudhari Marathi Actor
DOB: 31 January 1977
Ankush Choudhari
Chinmay Mandlekar Marathi Movie Actor
DOB: 2 February 1979
Chinmay Mandlekar
Swapnil Joshi Marathi Movie Actor
DOB: 18 October 1977
Swapnil Joshi
Nagraj Manjule Marathi Director
DOB: 24 August 1977
Nagraj Manjule