Pratima Kulkarni Marathi Actress
Other Skills

Pratima Kulkarni, a postgraduate in English Literature and Aesthetics, began her career in the performing arts at a young age. In Mumbai, experimental theatre in Marathi, Hindi, and other regional languages, was booming around 1974. In such a bright environment, she decided to pursue acting as a career and developed a deep interest in other parts of theatre as well. Pratima worked as Stage Manager and Assistant Director under renowned Director Vijaya Mehta due to this connection. Pratima continued to work in television, film, and theatre after she started working behind the camera. She won multiple honors for her work in theatre and television after making her directorial debut with the play “Atma Katha” in 1988.

In 2003, she directed her first film as an independent director, “School,” a Hindi children's film. This film was on the screen for several weeks in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, and Kolkata and was also played at the Cairo Children's Film Festival in 2005. However, she also had the experience of being a screenwriter and dialogue writer. "Savali" (2006) and "Oh! Maria…” were the flicks for which she wrote the screenplays. "Savali" is a Marathi and Konkani bilingual film that won four national awards and several state awards. The Maharashtra government has awarded the ‘State Award for Best Dialogue’ to Pratima for this film. Some of her other notable works in the Marathi television industry are “Prapancha (1999-2002)”, “405 Anandavan (2002-2003)”, “Ankur (2005)”, etc.