Sharmila Rajaram

Other names of Sharmila Rajaram: Sharmila Shinde Rajaram

Sharmila Shinde changed her name as Sharmila Rajaram in 2017. She is born in Pune, Maharashtra, on 05th April 1987. She is an Indian Actress mostly working in Marathi Serials. She wants to become an actress at a very young age. She has completed her graduation from Pune in Bachelor of Fine Arts.

She struggles in her life very much to become an actress, and now she is very popular, and there are many offers opportunities given to her. She has made a career in Marathi Serials, namely, Swapnanchya Palikadale, Star one horror nights, Krupa – Sindhu, Heevaat door jate, Majhya Navryachi Bayko.

Apart from the acting, her hobby is dancing; she is a well-trained dancer before getting into the role of acting in the world. She has received a nomination for the Mata Sanman award in 2012. Currently, she is playing a negative role in a Marathi serial Majhya Navrayachi bayko as Rupali; we hope to see her positive role in serials soon.