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Malayalam Tv Show Kavinjyozhukunna Anugrahathileku

Kavinjyozhukunna Anugrahathileku Malayalam TV SHOWS on SURYA TV
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Kavinjyozhukunna Anugrahathileku is a Malayalam Christian devotional TV show that airs on Surya TV at 6:30 am. The show consists of Christian missionaries who recite various verses of the Bible and explain their meaning. The show starts with a prayer followed by the missionaries telling the viewers how following Christianity and praying to Jesus improves the quality of life. The evangelists also tell the viewers to lead a righteous life in the name of Jesus. The show is followed by the Christian population of Kerala, predominantly the elderly. Reviews say that this show makes the viewers feel the tranquility they feel in a church.


Shalin Zoya Malayalam Anchor
DOB: 22 February 1997
Shalin Zoya
Kripa Malayalam TV-Actress