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Nethra Malayalam TV SERIALS on SURYA TV
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Nethra is the Malayalam dubbed version of the Telugu series aired on Gemini TV. The story of the series is about Nethra, who is a naagini which means a female snake who’s chosen by Lord Mahadev to protect the earth and maintain the survival of humanity. The most important factor in this series is a Naagamani, a gem which should be accessible for Nethra to save the world but she can only obtain the gem when she marries a normal human.Also the gem can’t be available anytime and only be available at every 21 years at Tripura Pournami where she should be with her partner to obtain it.

For that she marries a guy named Arjun. But there comes an antagonist character named Karan, who is an Asura in search of Naagmani. The show portrays the fight between the Goddess and Asura for Naagmani and is a series with a lots of fantasy elements like never before in other series. The vfx work in this series is very much brilliant so that it can be enjoyed by people of any age group.


Mona Wasu Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 15 October 1982
Mona Wasu
Shalu Menon Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 7 September 1982
Shalu Menon
Idavela Babu Malayalam TV-Actor
DOB: 11 August 1963
Idavela Babu
Kulappulli Leela Malayalam TV-Actress
DOB: 19 April 1954
Kulappulli Leela