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Rukku Kannada TV SERIALS on Star Suvarna
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Rukku is a Star Suvarna TV serial that started airing on 4th January 2021 at 8:30 Pm from Monday to Friday. The repeat telecast of the serial is at 3:30 pm every day. The story is about two sisters and their bonding. Rukku is a responsible girl who wants to fulfill her sister’s needs. Rukku had some dreams, and while she wants to pursue her dreams, she was forced into a situation whether to carry out her dreams or satisfy her people. The rest of the story deals with the decision taken by Rukku and its effects.

Rukku is the remake of the Telugu serial Devatha. Shobha Shetty Popularly known as Mounitha, Shobha Shetty has imp >> Read More... was announced as the female lead, and after a few episodes, she quit the series, and Rachana stepped into her shoes. After a long break, Shobha made her entry into the Kannada serials with Rukku. Her decision to quit the series disappointed her fans. Rekha Krishnappa Rekha Krishnappa is one among the popular villainy >> Read More... , Varshika Nayak Varshika Nayak is an Indian actor and fashion desi >> Read More... , Aryan Gowda Aryan Gowda is an Indian actor and director who wo >> Read More... , Chitra Honnappa, Nandini CM, Jyothi Shri, Inchara Channapla, and Megha Nagaraj are also cast in Rukku. This is Aryan Gowda’s debut in the TV industry. Arpitha Keerthi, the wife of Kirik Keerthi Kirik Keerthi belongs to Bengaluru and he is famou >> Read More... , made her debut as an actress with this series. It started on 4th January 2021 and ended on 14th May 2021. The show is available on Disney + Hotstar.

Another version of this Serial Synopsis

Rukku is a Kannada family drama that revolves around two sisters and their unique bonding. One of the sisters, Rukku, is the lone breadwinner of the family and has big dreams which she wants to achieve. She sacrifices a lot for her family and her loved ones. Due to circumstances, she had to choose between her future and her family. She wants to fulfill all her sister’s needs. The whole story shows her, making those decisions and their consequences.

This show only had 100 episodes and marked the comeback of Shobha Shetty to Kannada television. The show was premiered at the beginning of 2021, but the makers were not very happy with the TRP and decided to end it.


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