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Kannada Tv Serial Megha Mayoori

Other names : Megha Mayuri
Megha Mayoori Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Megha Mayoori is a serial being telecast on Zee Kannada at 7:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.This serial is a family drama, showing that the differences in upbringing of children in various backgrounds, does not affect the original traditional values and love towards family. This is the story of two teenagers, Megha and Mayoori, who are cousins. This serial shows us the innocence of teenagers, their unpredictable behavior, their love for their parents and family and their passion to find their own individuality.

Megha is the soft-spoken, shy and frightened kid, whereas Mayoori is the boisterous, straight-forward, intelligent kid. The serial shows how these two girls belonging to completely different backgrounds with different upbringings become the best of friends (in spite of being cousins) and support each other. Megha, the shy one is transformed into a confident sportsman, who is now able to stand up for her. This change in Megha takes place because of Mayoori.

At the same time, Mayoori, who had been arrogant and stubborn in the beginning, has converted herself into a loving and supportive daughter and sister. This change in Mayoori is because of her aunt (mother’s sister), who is her guardian now, Megha and Jayanth (Megha’s father’s sister’s son) is the love of her life now.

The story goes forward by showing how Megha gets admission into college despite her father’s opposition. Actually the opposition was from the wealthy old lady, with whose grandson Magha’s marriage was fixed, but somehow Megha’s mother talks her out of it and convinces her to accept Megha’s education. There in college Megha falls in love with her Badminton coach, who is the other grandson of that old lady. He gets attracted to Mayoori and she allows his attraction telling him that she was Megha. Some funny incidents are shown depicting this confusion. But she is not aware of the consequences.

Mayoori, on the other hand, falls in love with Megha’s cousin brother Jayanth and they plan to get married in spite of all oppositions. Jayanth is already engaged to Chaaru, a very cunning girl, who tries her best to keep Jayanth’s attraction towards her, but she fails. To stop all confusions, Jayanth reveals his love to Mayoori in front of the whole family and breaks his engagement. But Jayanth’s mother is still interested in getting Jayanth married to Chaaru as she does not like Mayoori. The future episodes will tell how these love triangles get resolved. Starring : Amrutha Ramamurthy Amrutha Ramamurthy or Amrutha Ramamoorthi is a Kan >> Read More... , ' Harshitha Harshitha is a Kannada film actress. She played su >> Read More... ', Mallika Prasad Mallika Prasad is an actor, director and theatre p >> Read More... , Jyoti, Nagesh Yadav Actor Bio Coming Soon ...... Check back later. >> Read More... , Ramesh Pandit Ramesh Pandit is a professional Indian actor. He h >> Read More... , Radha Ramachandra Radha Ramchandra is an Indian-Actress. She works i >> Read More... , Varshini Kusuma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Sushma Nanaiah Sushma hails from Mysore. Rangayana was her favour >> Read More... and others.

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