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Kaveri Kannada Medium Kannada TV SERIALS on Star Suvarna
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Kaveri Kannada Medium is a Kannada TV serial. It premiered on 28th August 2023. It airs on the Star Suvarna channel from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm. The cast includes Rakshit, Mahalaxmi, Priya J Achar, and Anu Povamma. The story starts with Kaveri. Kaveri is a young woman. She is a compassionate and determined lady. She respects her mother tongue, Kannada. She is a meritorious girl and works as a teacher in a Kannada medium school in her village. She cares for the students more than her profession. She goes beyond her means to give them a good education.

Agasthya owns the biggest chain of English medium schools in India. He is business-oriented and lacks empathy. He does not care about anyone when it comes to his goals. Agasthya has been funding Kaveri’s school and wants to build a chain of his English medium school. Kaveri and other villagers protest this. Aanika, who is Agasthya’s colleague, and also his sister, ridicules the Kannada-speaking people who are not fluent in English. She believes that the Kannada school does not produce good students. She gives a challenge to Kaveri to survive teaching the students at their English medium school for six months. If she is good at her job, they will not tear down her school. Kaveri gets a job as a Science teacher at Agasthya’s school. Kaveri and Agasthya are starting to get along very well.

Rudra is a local goon who troubles Kaveri often. He tricks her into marrying her. But Agasthya stops the marriage. Since her marriage was abrupt, the villagers laugh at her ill fate. To save her from ridicule and keep the promise of his grandmother, he decides to marry Kaveri unwillingly. Although their relationship started unenthusiastically, they gradually fell in love. Their relationship has to go through many challenges because many family members are against Kaveri. Ambika and Aanika conspire against her to throw out of her job and Agasthya’s life.




Dwarakish Kannada Director
DOB: 19 August 1942
Prema Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 6 January 1977
Yash Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 8 January 1986
Ragini Dwivedi Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 24 May 1990
Ragini Dwivedi