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Shakutala was a Drama series based on Kalidasa’s famous epic love story of Dushyanth and Shakuntala, telecasted on Star Network’s –Star One. The show was created by Sagar Arts, produced by Sagar Pictures and directed jointly by Dharmesh Shah Dharmesh Shah is an Indian director and editor kno >> Read More... , Mukesh Singh, Noel Smith Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Swapnil Shahane Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . It told the mesmerizing story of Dushyant and Shakuntala and the play of fate in their lives. Dushyant and Skakuntala are more like the Indian Adam and Eve who eat the forbidden fruit of Love. Their story has everything from love to romance to action to agony to hatred to jealousy, etc. hence forming the grounds for the perfect daily soap saga.

Shakuntala played by Neha Mehta Neha Mehta is an Indian Television actress. She is >> Read More... as the older version and child actor Aaina Mehta Aaina Mehta is a sweet little, cute and beautiful >> Read More... as the younger one, is a beautiful baby girl found by Sange Kanva. She is the daughter of Sage Vishwamitra and the beautiful Indralok apsara, Meneka. Sage Kanva raises the girl as his own daughter. With age her beauty knows no bounds and is often compared as the goddess of beauty. The pivotal character of Dushyant is played by the newbie Gautam Sharma Gautam Sharma is an India film star, model and Tel >> Read More... , who too is nothing less than Shakuntala. The charatcer of young Dushyant was played by child actor Abhileen Pandey Abhileen Pandey became an actor at a very young ag >> Read More... .

Dushyant sees Shakuntala on a chance encounter in the forest where Dushyant had come for hunting. He spots Shakuntala and is mesmerized by her beauty,and they instantly fall in love. Dushyant then comes to Rishi Kanva’s Ashram looking for Shakuntala. They later get married according to the Gandharwa vivah rituals and live as husband and wife in the Ashram. One day, Sage Durvasa, famously known for his anger comes to Rishi Kanva’s Ashram. Shakuntala, having been lost in Dushyants dreams fails to great him properly. Enraged by anger, Sage Durvasa curses her that the person who’s thoughts she is so engrossed into will forget her existence. While Shakuntala is shocked, her friend explains to Durvasa, the reason for Shakuntala’s distraction. Feeling that he might have over-reacted, Durvasa informs Shakuntala that Dushyant will only remember and recognize her if she shoes Dushyant a personal token given by him. As the curse goes, Dushyant forgets about Shakuntala and does not return back to the Ashram. How she meets Dushyant and how he is reminded of her forms the continuity of the story.

The show makers have tried their level best to keep the feel and storyline intact and bringing to life each character exactly as the decribed by Kalidasa. The show premeired on 2nd February, 2009 and was aired from Monday-Thursday, 9.30 pm on Star One.

The final episode of the show aired on 6 July 2009. The series has a total of 104 episodes. The serial beautifully recreates the story of Shankuntala. The serial skillfully portrayed intricate love stories, separation, and reunion. The serial includes many talented actors and actresses like Naina Mehta, Paritosh Agra, Neha Mehta, Abhileen, Sunny Singh Sunny Singh, an upcoming Indian actor, was born in >> Read More... , Gagan Malik Gagan Malik is a known model and television actor >> Read More... , Payel Sarkar Payel Sarkar is an Indian Bengali actress who has >> Read More... , Madhura Naik Madhura Naik is a gorgeous and beautiful actress, >> Read More... , Digangana Suryavanshi Digangana Suryavanshi was born on 15 October 1997 >> Read More... , Shabana Mulani, Vicky Batra Vicky Batra is known for his roles in mythological >> Read More... , Rohit Singh Rohit Singh is an Indian dancer. He was conceived >> Read More... , Javed Khan He had all the ammunitions required to rule the Bo >> Read More... , and Amrohi. The whole team of the serial has done a commendable job in portraying their characters and making the show vibrant. The serial presents a range of emotions.

The story continues further when Dushyant forgets the existence of his wife Shakuntala and does not return to her. After waiting for several days, Shakuntala decides to search for her husband. She sets on a journey to reunite with her husband, but the circumstances take a turn when her ring is lost. According to the curse, Dushyant will only identify Shakuntala when he sees something that belongs to him, but since Shakuntala lost her ring, there is no way for her to get acknowledged by her husband. She goes to his court and tries to convince him, but her efforts go into veins. Dushyant does not recognize her and asks her to leave. After some time, a fisherman comes to the court of Dushyant and tells him about the ring that he found in the river while fishing. After seeing the ring, Dushyant instantly gets his memory back and remembers Shakuntala. During this period, Shakuntala lived in the forest with her son Bharat. Bharat is a resilient boy who fears nothing. He shows remarkable courage and optimism.

One day, while hunting, Dushyant came across Bharat, who was busy counting the teeth of a lion. Dushyant decides to know more about the brave boy and wants to talk to him. While talking, Dushyant asks Bharat about her mother; to this, Bharat replies by stating that his mother’s name is Shakuntala. After this conversation, Dushyant understands that Bharat is his son. Bharat then takes his father to his mother and reunites them. They lived happily ever after. The story ends with the of the reunion family. The serial portrays the sacrifices and struggles of the protagonist. The serial perfectly presents this ancient Hindu mythological tale. It celebrates the power of love and relationship bonds. The intriguing storyline of the serial fascinates the viewers to keep watching.

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