Aaina Mehta is a sweet little, cute and beautiful Indian Television Actress. She is famous due to her superb performance in her both serials, and Aapki Antara Aapki Antara was written by Monish Sekhri and Amit >> Read More... Aapki Antara . Aaina likes music and dance. She is a beautiful actress among her co-stars and learned quickly. She has started her career by appearing in Star One’s TV show “Shakuntala” as Shakuntala in February 2009. The story (Shakuntala) was a fairytale about a little baby who was found by the Sage Kanva, who gave her refuge in his ashram and raised her like his own daughter.

Aaina Mehta is a student of Utpal Sanghvi School and appeared in class 5th exams. She said that her principal requested her not to take any new assignment during her exams. Besides she only shoots 4-5 hrs. She said that she likes Social Studies, Maths and English as her favorite subjects. She feels happy by getting more than 80% marks in her all exams. Aaina Mehta also performed well in her second serial “Aapki Antara” as a main role of 5 year old Antara. She has acted this role after Zynah Vastani who already acted as Antara in Aapki Antara.