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Jaan was a TV series aired on Zee TV. It was mostly aired on Fridays and is of love action drama genre. It is one of the oldest TV series of Zee TV, started in October 1999. The series stars Sudesh Berry Sudesh Berry is an Indian television and film acto >> Read More... and Bhagyashree in lead roles.

Sudesh Berry plays the character of Kishan. He portrays a young man who is attractive and jolly. Besides being young and handsome, Berry grabs the attention of the viewers as the story gives out hints of his mysterious character. He is in love with his friend Radha, who is a simple girl and a best friend. His character is very unpredictable but matured.

Bhagyashree, who portrays the character of Radha is a young, charming, beautiful girl who loves her parents very much. She is brought up with devotion and care because she is the only daughter they have. Every man would fall for her. She has a pleasant personality and is soft spoken. Shahbaz Khan Shahbaz Khan is known for his character as Mayakaa >> Read More... plays the character of Ravi. Ravi is a determined police officer. He has a good physique, dashing identity, great looks and a charismatic personality. This dynamic and bold man is always ready to take risks. He believes in his work and is totally goal oriented. His mission in life is to find Munna.

Munna, a role of a terrorist, is also carried out by Sudesh Berry. This man surprisingly resembles Kishan. The story starts with the introduction of all these characters, where Ravi is determined to eliminate underworld from the city. But Ravi himself is the son of the Don of the underworld. It is an example that is similar and completely satisfies phrases like, a rose that blossoms in a muddy water or gold in coal mines. To divert Ravi's attention and to distract him from his goal, the Don decides to take some measures and makes a plan. He thinks over the matter and comes up with an easy but a very effective solution. He decides to tie a knot of his son so that he gets wrapped up in his personal life and that he sidelines one of the primary aims of his life, which is to find Munna.

Don is an intelligent and a cunning man. But along with it, also a loving father. And thus he takes these preventive steps to safeguard himself and also his relations with his son. Ravi's father takes the marriage proposal to Radha's family. Radha's family accepts the proposal fixing the engagement. Radha is elated and excited like any other typical Indian girl would be. She is full of mixed feelings. She is impatient and is eager to tell this good news to her best friend since childhood, Kishan. But unfortunately, this turns out to be one of the bad news for Kishan. Kishan, a childhood friend of her, always unconditionally loved her. He could never convey his feelings for her, for he feared that he would lose a friend like her and also due to fear of rejection. But finally, now he understands that the love of his life, Radha, was going to be someone else’s forever. He builds up all his guts and finally proposes her. But he, unfortunately, receives a negative answer.

Radha refuses him and decides to be firm on her decision to marry Ravi, the boy that was chosen by her parents. Kishan is left heartbroken. After her engagement, she introduces Kishan to Ravi. Ravi gets astonished to see Kishan. He is stunned because Kishan looks like the gangster, Munna, whom he wanted to capture. His mind is full of questions like what is Kishan's real identity. Therefore, Don’s plan to take his son away from this case fails.

Now Ravi is more interested in finding who Kishan is. On several occasions, Ravi tries to prove that Kishan is Munna. But even after taking many attempts he is always proved wrong. On the other side, this adversely affects the relationship between Radha and Ravi. Kishan becomes the main point of argument between them, and this leads to rifts between them. It leads to risking their relationship. Therefore all his efforts to prove Kishan is Munna always go waste. J

aan is a story totally based on love and sacrifice. Each episode ends with a googly. It leads to excitement in the minds of the viewers and thus increasing the viewership. A good script and talented actors have made a successful combination to bring out an easy topic so beautifully.



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