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Itti Si Khushi Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
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Itti Si Khushi is a drama television series, broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television India from September 29, 2014 until January 2, 2015. The series was directed by Romesh Kalra Working for over 21 years, Romesh Kalra is a highl >> Read More... and produced by Rajan Shahi Rajan Shahi is a well-known director and producer >> Read More... under the banner of Director’s Kut Productions.

Itti Si Khushi serial is a story that is based on some simple joyful moments of life, which we usually ignore. It depicts the life of a young girl named Neha (played by Smriti Kalra Born on October 26, 1987, Smriti Kalra is from an >> Read More... ) who unluckily met an accident during her childhood and unfortunately got into a coma. 12 years after, she recovered from the accident and many fascinating events started to happen in her life.

Neha is an innocent by heart and sometimes very childish. When she wakes up, she wanted to enjoy the life that she missed, although the doctor told her dad to keep her out of any shocking events. Prior to the accident, when she was just 14, she had a big crush to Aman (played by Anuj Sachdeva Anuj Sachveda is an Indian TV actor, born on Octob >> Read More... ), her childhood friend and this became an open secret to her best friend and to Akansha ‘Akku’ Agrawal (played by Heena Parmar Heena Parmar is a famous Indian television actor k >> Read More... ), her younger sister. She wanted to meet him but her sister always distracts her. She was oblivious that Aman is already engaged to her sister as everyone is trying to hide it from her, thinking that it can affect her condition. When the announcement of Aman and Akku’s engagement happened, Neha was deeply hurt and felt really bad because she thinks that nobody even care to tell her what was happening. But Akku explained everything to her and told her that it was an arranged marriage.

Later in the story, Akku found something different to Aman when Neha is in front of him. She saw a certain kind of happiness on Aman’s eyes when Neha is around, so she asked him where his happiness really lies and to think things over. Aman couldn’t hide the fact that he gets happy looking at Neha and remember all the things that they used to do when they were young, and finally realizes that he already falls for Neha. Until he admitted to his mother that he cannot marry Akku because he is in love with Neha. For the first time, Aman stood against his family and later, the two got married.

At the end of the Itti Si Khushi story, everyone, including Aman’s mother, finally accepted Neha and gave the two her blessings. Neha decided to go back to school through correspondence while Aman became a cricketer and they lived happily together. Itti Si Khushi casts also include Paritosh Sand Paritish is popularly remembered as Kulbhushan Wad >> Read More... , Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkar, Amardeep Jha Amardeep Jha is a veteran Indian television, film >> Read More... and Vidya Sinha Vidya Sinha was born on 15 November 1947 in Mumbai >> Read More... .


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