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Ek Ghar Banaunga Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
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Ek Ghar Banauga was a daily soap opera that went off air very recently, on 7th June 2014. The first episode of the serial was premiered on 29th April, 2013 on Star Plus. The serial shows about a typical Indian household drama, that happens in almost all households.

The lead character in this serial is Poonam, who comes from a poor family but she is very intelligent and educated girl. She takes the responsibility of taking care of her parents. She has a brother but he is not at all concerned about the family and is settled in US. Poonam is supposed to get married to a person named Gautam, about whom Poonam gets to know that he is marrying only for money. On the day of marriage, Poonam cancels the marriage and gets married to Aakash. Aakash is again the leading actor in the serial, who comes from a village and is not much educated. He is rustic and has no match in front of Poonam. However, he falls in love with Poonam as soon as he sees her. Finally, when Poonam wants to get married to him, he is unable to reject the proposal.

The story moves on when Aakash’s parents does not know about Poonam and they are of an opinion that Poonam should leave the house within 6 months. However, within this time, Poonam wins everyone’s heart and becomes a permanent member of the family. Poonam is also concerned about her parents, so Aakash goes ahead and brings Poonam’s parents in his home, to live with Poonam and rest of the family. Poonam’s in-laws initially do not agree to this fact but then everything settles and everybody lives like a family. In the last, it is basically about the family issues that go on within this huge family and specific problems of members, which are resolved by Poonam. Aakash is one character who has helped Poonam in achieving whatever she deserved and worked for. The serial shows that no matter even if a girl has to leave her parent’s house, she can still take care of her parents in some way, however, she will need a very strong support of her husband in it.

' Ishita Dutta Ishita Dutta is the sister of Femina Miss India Un >> Read More... ' as Poonam: She is an Indian actress who has done Telugu movies and also started her career with a Telugu movie. Ek ghar banauga, is her debut in Indian television industry and she has impressed a lot of people by her acting skills. She is the younger sister of a present Indian actress Tanushree Dutta. 

'Actor Rahul Sharma This Hindustani musician was born on 25th Septembe >> Read More... ' as Aakash: It has not been easy for Aakash to work as a television actor, as he has struggled for almost three years and then got his first role in Kahani chandrakanta ki and teri meri love stories. After so much of struggle, Rahul is set and is doing a new serial, that will be aired soon.


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