Bharti Patil is a great actress from Marathi theatre and movies who made a late entry into Hindi Television serials from Jayantilal Jassubhai Joshi ki Joint Family. It was her first Hindi serial and she acted as Pushpa Joshi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Pushpa Joshi who is wife of Chandrakant Joshi the elder son of the family.

Bharti Patil is highly qualified and holds a degree in Mechnical Engineering. She has also done a B.A. in Psychology. She is a Mechanical engineer by professiona nd acting is her hobby. She also owns a business of garments of her own in Mumbai. She was interested in acting right from her childhood and she was a regular on marathi theatre as a hobby. Suggested by some friends, she started acting in Marathi serials also and eventually made her entry in to Hindi TV serials. She has received training on Indian classical dance form Bharatanatyam for more than 20 years and she is a gifted Bharat Natyam dancer.

She has acted in many other Hindi serials better known of which are Sukh by Chance and Tum dena sath mera. In all the serials, her work has been much appreciated by the viewers as well as critics.

Apart from Marathi movies and serials and Hindi TV serials, she has also done four movies in Kannada and in one of them she also received an award for her acting.