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Bengali Tv Serial Star Pravah Dhum Dhadaka 2022

Star Pravah Dhum Dhadaka 2022 Marathi TV SERIALS on STAR PRAVAH

Star Pravah Dhum Dhadaka 2022 is a unique event hosted by Star Pravah to celebrate the new year with Marathi television celebrities and famous musicians. The event promises to be a fun-filled and electrifying night, with various performances by well-known artists, likely featuring music, dance, and entertainment. It may also include segments featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and highlights from the year's most memorable moments. it sounds like a festive and entertaining program for fans of Marathi television and music. Star Pravah's "Dhum Dhadaka" is a Marathi language television show aired on weekends.

The show features a mix of comedy skits, stand-up comedy, musical performances, and interviews with celebrities from the Marathi entertainment industry. Host of this show is famous Marathi actors and comedians, including Bhau Kadam The real name of Bhau Kadam is Bhalchandra Kadam. >> Read More... , Bharat Ganeshpure Bharat Ganeshpure is an Indian Comedian, Film, and >> Read More... , Sagar Karande   Sagar Karande is a famous and handsome Marathi >> Read More... , and Shreya Bugde Shreya Bugde is Indian film and television actress >> Read More... . They are known for their humorous performances and have a large fan following in Maharashtra. "Dhum Dhadaka" has been on air since 2019. The program aired on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:30 pm on Star Pravah, one of the leading Marathi television channels