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Hindi Movie Actress Shruti Marathe
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Shruti Marathe is a Marathi actress who has ventured in the Kollywood industry as well. She first started with a Marathi film by the title, Sanai Choughade. Upon bagging an offer in Kollywood, right after her debut film in Marathi, she changed her name for the Kollywood audience, to Shruti Prakash Shruti Prakash is a singer and actress from India. >> Read More... . She played Savitri in Indira Vizha Click to look into! >> Read More... . She then went on to become a mediocre success in Kollywood with the film, Naan Avan Illai 2. Today, she pursues both Marathi and Tamil films.

She has acted in the following films so far; Asa Mi Tasa Mi, Lagali Paij, Teecha Baap Tyacha Baap, Satya, Savitree Ani Satyawan; Premsutra, Tujhi Majhi Love Story, Rama Madhav, Taptapadi, Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2, Bandh Nylon Che; in Marathi. Also, Aravaan; Vidiyal; Guru Sishyan Guru Sishyan was telecasted in Puthuyugam Tv.It wa >> Read More... in Tamil and back in 2013, she experimented with Kannada in the film Aadu Aata Aadu Aadu Aata Aadu is a reality couple based game show >> Read More... . She performs on the small screen as well; Sant Sakhu and Peshwai.

She is currently a popular TV artist because of the television series that started back in 2014, broadcasted on Zee Marathi, ‘ Radha Hi Bawari’, where she plays Radha, the protagonist. Also, a well-known artist concerning her theater performances as well. She is part of the one of the biggest comedy play in Marathi, Lagnabambaal. We look forward to more from the talented actress.


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