Mandar Jadhav

Other names of Mandar Jadhav: Mandhar Jadhav
Mandar Jadhav Hindi Actor

Mandar Jadhav is a Hindi television serial actor from Mumbai. He was born on 16th November 1987. His father Subhash Jadhav is also a movie actor who did some Bollywood films and TV serials and shows during 1990s. His mother is Rina Jadhav. He also has a younger brother, Meghan Jadhav Meghan was born on 7th June 1992 into a talented a >> Read More... Meghan Jadhav who is also a TV serial actor. He studied in Shardashram Vidya Mandir School and then did his degree from Ruparel College in Mumbai. After completing his education, he took up acting as a full time profession.

Mandar has acted in many TV serials. He played the role of Alladin in the popular TV serial fantasy 'Alladin' which was telecast on Zee TV. He acted as Ram in another popular serial 'Mahaveer Hanuman' telecast on Colors channel. He also acted in Veer Shivaji Veer Shivaji is a Hindi historical drama serial. T >> Read More... Veer Shivaji on Colors, Teri Meri love Story on Star Plus, Lakhon Mein Ek Lakhon Mein Ek, as is quite evident from the name >> Read More... Lakhon Mein Ek on Star Plus, Savdhan India and Pyar Ka dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara etc. Other TV serials he has worked for are Bitto on Sahara One (as Jai), Adaalat and Aahat (Both on Sony TV).

Apart from TV serials, he also tried his luck in Bollywood movies and acted in Say Salaam India Click to look into! >> Read More... Say Salaam India in 2007. However, having not much of a success, he came back to his own field and continued acting in TV serials.

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Mandar Jadhav is an Indian actor from Mumbai. He has done roles in serials like Aladdin Se Aladdin, Mahavir Hanuman On 27th July 2009 Colors TV channel started to bro >> Read More... Mahavir Hanuman as Shri Ram, and in Bitto as Jai. He made his film debut in Say Salaam India in 2007. Say Salaam India is the story of cricket that portraits a group of 4 boys and their passion for cricket.

Mandar plays the role of Viru in this film. His other serials are Aahat and Adaalat. Mandar Jadhav’s father Mr. Subhash Jadhav was also an actor in 80’s and 90’s. His brother Meghan Jadhav is also an actor.

Currently, he was seen in the serial Razia Sultan Razia Sultan belongs to the genre of Indian histor >> Read More... Razia Sultan as Iqbal.

Razia Sultan as Iqbal.