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Bouma Ekghor Bengali TV SERIALS on Star Jalsha
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Bouma Ekghor is a Bengali TV serial. It premiered on 2nd May 2022 and ended on 8th August 2022. It aired every day at 6:30 pm on the Star Jalsha channel. It has one season with 86 episodes. It comes under the genres of comedy and drama. Tanmay Chakraborty is the director. Arghya Roychowdhury is the producer. Susanta Das A resident of Kolkata, Susanta Das, continues to r >> Read More... and Sayanti Bhattacharya are the writers of the show. The cast includes Susmita Dey (Tiya Ghosh), Debojyoti Roy Chowdhury Debojyoti Roy Chowdhury is a popular face of Benga >> Read More... (Raju Ghosh), Nibedita Mukherjee Nibedita Mukherjee is an Actress born on 31 May. S >> Read More... (Raju’s mother), Subrata Guha Roy Subrata Guha Roy is a famous actor, supporting act >> Read More... (Raju’s father), Chaiti Ghoshal Chaiti Ghoshal is an actress who has worked in Ben >> Read More... (Raju’s aunt), Arindam Ganguly Arindam Ganguly or Arindam Gangopadhyay is an acto >> Read More... (Raju’s uncle), Arnab Biswas (Dev Ghosh), and Aditi Ghosh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... (Dev’s wife).

The story starts with the Ghosh family living in Kolkata. The two brothers of the Ghosh family, Notu and Botu, live as separate families. However, there is constant competition between the families to show who is doing better in life. Particularly, the wives compete with each other in everything. One family is wealthy and living a luxurious life, while the other family is living a middle-class life. Notu’s son Raju aspired to become an automobile engineer. But life had other plans for him. Due to financial circumstances, he could not study to become an engineer. He ended up as a mechanic in a garage due to. Raju’s parents want him to get married as he is now of marriageable age. They find a bride for him, Tiya. Tiya is a free-spirited girl. She has big dreams but is too lazy to work for them. She wishes to live a luxurious life but is reluctant to work. Her only desire is to marry someone rich and shift to Dubai to live a wealthy life. Her daydreams come to an end when she marries Raju. She realizes that she can never go to Dubai.

Raju’s mother still tries to compete with her sister-in-law, Snigdha. This time, she announces that her daughter-in-law is a working woman. She tells everyone that Tiya is very career-oriented and works in a well-known company. Hearing this, Snigdha is astonished and jealous. Snigdha’s daughter-in-law, Riya, is Tiya’s cousin. Riya does not like Tiya at all. Riya suspects Tiya having a job as she knows her very well.

Gradually, Snigdha suspects her too. To cover all her lies, Raju’s mother asks Tiya to get a job as soon as possible. But Tiya is reluctant to work at all. Raju’s mother wants to save her reputation and win the competition against Snigdha. She forces Tiya to look for work. Her mother-in-law even tries to talk to people from Tiya’s job, and even Tiya tries to escape from this situation. Tiya and her mother-in-law’s unconventional ways of finding jobs are hilarious. This leads to a funny cat-and-mouse chase. The lies that Raju’s mother uses to cover up her initial lies are ridiculous and humorous. 


Aparna Sen Bengali Director
DOB: 25 October 1945
Aparna Sen
Chhabi Biswas Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 12 July 1900
Chhabi Biswas
Sonali Chowdhury Bengali TV-Actress
DOB: 13 October 1980
Sonali Chowdhury
Suchitra Sen Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 6 April 1931
Suchitra Sen
Tapas Paul Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 2 August 1958
Tapas Paul