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Amar Shona Chander Kona Bengali TV SERIALS on Sun Bangla
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Amar Shona Chander Kona is a Bengali-language televised show on Sun Bangla. The drama has Jasmine Roy Jasmine Roy is one of the popular Bengali actresse >> Read More... and Ravi Shaw Ravi Shaw is an Indian actor who worked for the Be >> Read More... starring in the lead roles. The drama showcases a heartwarming mother-son relationship. Som (Ravi Shaw) and his mother got separated when he was a young child. Growing up, he always missed his mother’s presence. Thus, he is driven by the desire to find his mother. Watching Som suffer, Imon (Jasmine Roy), his wife, helps him pursue his search. The whole equation changes when Som’s mother enters his house disguised as a maid.

Som and Imon are unaware of the real identity of their maid and are still on a search for their parent. The plot further becomes complex when Imon learns the truth but has to keep her husband in the dark as she helps her mother-in-law attain justice. She was wronged, hence the reason behind her disappearance all those years ago. Amar Shona Chander Kona is a hugely popular ongoing serial.



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